Overwatch 2: The Invasion of Season 6 – Game Modes And More

Overwatch 2 Invasion Game Modes
Overwatch 2 Invasion Game Modes

Hold onto your controllers, gamers! Overwatch 2 is set to deliver a bucketful of delightful surprises with Season 6, dubbed as ‘Invasion’. This bountiful extravaganza promises a platter of PvE modes, spanking new PvP maps, and an innovative hero progression system, promising to be the most ginormous content update yet!

Overwatch 2: Unveiling Season 6 Invasion Livestream

Season 5 is barely warming its seat and Overwatch 2 is already whetting our appetites with a tantalising trailer for Season 6. An enlightening livestream unveiled the thrilling attractions waiting in the wings for the August update.

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Enter the ‘Hero Mastery’, a solo PvE adventure allowing players to engage in bespoke challenges, honing their mastery over a hero’s capabilities across various difficulty levels. With speedy objective completion and strategically placed coin pickups, players can tot up points and indulge in friendly score comparisons. Brace yourself for mid-Season 6 when five heroes: Sojourn, Tracer, Mercy, Winston, and Reinhardt roll out their respective Hero Mastery challenges.

That’s not all! Overwatch 2 is jazzing up Season 6 with a novel player level system. Hero-specific experience points can be accrued based on a variety of metrics such as games played or damage dealt, healed, or thwarted. Crossing certain experience milestones rewards players with hero-specific emblems, badges, and alluring name cards. The icing on the cake? There’s no cap on experience points per category for each hero. So, you can game on without changing your style to unlock these eye-catching perks.

In the Invasion, the narrative in Story Missions is finally gathering steam. The game developers tantalised us with clips from the Gothenburg and Rio Story Missions, offering an eclectic mix of adversaries, sprawling maps, and engrossing character interactions. These story missions promise delightful dialogue and first-time lore encounters between certain Overwatch 2 characters.

The All-New PvP Maps of Overwatch 2: Flashpoints in Season 6

Furthermore, the Flashpoint maps are a complete departure from Overwatch 2’s conventional PvP modes. The aim of the game? Capture a control point to unlock another elsewhere on the map, continuing till one team nabs three points. With the introduction of New Junk City and Suravasa maps, Overwatch is setting new size records for PvP maps.

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In addition, the Event Missions offer a cooperative PvE mode, tasking players with achieving varying objectives. The evergreen design promises freshness with each playthrough. The inaugural map, Underworld, is an expansive take on the King’s Row PvP map, with promises of more map and enemy additions in future updates. While the anticipated support hero remains shrouded in mystery, players can look forward to more revelations soon.

Overwatch 2 is ready and waiting for you on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. So, gear up for an exciting Season 6 invasion!

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