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New Overwatch 2 Event Offers Free Rewards to Players

Overwatch 2 Starwatch Galactic Rescue Event
Overwatch-2 Starwatch Galactic Rescue Event
(Image Credit Blizzard)

Embarking on a new adventure, Overwatch 2 initiates the thrilling Starwatch: Galactic Rescue event, showering players with enticing free rewards. Blizzard perseveres in its endeavour to captivate the Overwatch 2 community by launching novel content and implementing regular tweaks. Though the hero shooter has faced challenges and critiques, its fanbase remains devoted and spirited.

In April, Overwatch 2 heralded the onset of Season 4, unveiling a wealth of content, including the intriguing new hero Lifeweaver. Garnering attention for his potential to impact the game and hinder allies, the support hero stirred up quite the buzz. Additionally, the first community-crafted Overwatch 2 map, Talantis, emerged, exposing an underwater Talon base within a time-limited mode.

Now, Overwatch 2 sets the stage for the Starwatch: Galactic Rescue event, active until 22nd May. Teased alongside Season 4, the community’s anticipation for Starwatch’s potential in Overwatch 2 grew exponentially. Marking the game’s inaugural PVP/PVE hybrid event, players align with either the Watchers, commanded by Bonebreaker Doomfist, or the Infinite Empire, directed by Galactic Emperor Sigma. Consequently, two formidable teams collide in a four-point Assault match on the transformed Lunar Colony map, now the Infinite Galactrius ship.

When Can You Participate in Overwatch 2’s Starwatch: Galactic Rescue Event?

Running from the 9th to 22nd of May, the Starwatch event poses challenges, unlocking cosmic cosmetics for free. These include Wrecking Ball’s new Asteroid epic skin and 50,000 XP for completing Overwatch 2’s Premium Battle Bass, which in turn unveils Sigma’s new epic skin. Limited-time bundles for Watchers and Infinite Empire also feature in the in-game store. Additionally, the event released the complimentary Starwatch: An Echo of Hope comic, recounting the Watchers’ escape from the Infinite Empire. The outcome of Starwatch: Galactic Rescue will dictate the galaxy’s fate in a second comic, set to release when the event concludes.

Continually introducing novel events, Overwatch 2 captivates with Starwatch: Galactic Rescue’s unique Star Wars-esque approach. The event presents a refreshing limited mode, offering relief from the game’s issues and delivering absorbing lore, an area in which Blizzard excels. Furthermore, the opportunity to acquire free Overwatch 2 cosmetics is a welcome bonus.

Overwatch 2 is playable on Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, PS4 and PS5.

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