Fortnite Crew Pack for May Brings a Wealth of Exclusive Rewards for Players

Fortnite Crew May 2023
Fortnite Crew May 2023
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The Fortnite Crew Pack for May offers a plethora of member benefits that players may not want to miss. The Fortnite Crew membership has thrived for over two years, providing members with exclusive cosmetics and Battle Pass renewals. Occasionally, some months bring entirely distinct perks. Many players appreciate these offers, and some even suggest that games like Overwatch 2 should adopt a similar subscription model.

While players typically anticipate the Crew Pack contents, an element of surprise remains when the last day of the month arrives, and it’s time to unveil the latest bundle. The V-Bucks are a given, but fans can’t predict the included skin. Some months overflow with unexpected content, making them particularly opportune times to purchase the Fortnite pack; May appears to be one of those months.

If You Love Value, Then This Is Not To Be Missed!

Epic Games has published all the rewards on their official website and that’s where we got the info from. May’s pack features a generous array of benefits. As for content, players will undoubtedly receive value for money. By paying £11.99, gamers will receive a bundle of rewards, including the Photonic Legacy Set, 1,000 V-Bucks, the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 Battle Pass, the Dahlia skin, Rocket League’s Rocket Pass, her Explosive Escape loading screen and the Exo-Intellect back bling.

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Those who haven’t subscribed recently will benefit the most. Players without the current Battle Pass will receive it for free, while those who bought it with V-Bucks in early March will get a 950 V-Buck refund. Additionally, this is the final opportunity for players to unlock the Photonic Legacy Set and its six stages before they’re gone for good.

May’s Fortnite Crew members will get an additional benefit, as they will receive the Rocket Pass Premium for the ongoing season of Rocket League. If players have already purchased it, they will receive a 1,000 Credit refund. Regrettably, Epic Games noted in their official announcement post that this benefit might be discontinued and is only guaranteed for this edition of the Crew Pass. Thus, it remains uncertain whether Fortnite Crew members will continue to receive the Rocket Pass for free in the future.

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