Overwatch 2 Delves into Lifeweaver’s Origins

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Overwatch 2 Lifeweaver Origin Story
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Lifeweaver, the latest addition to Overwatch 2’s cast of heroes, has been given an animated Origin Story, showcasing the backstory of the Thai character. As the ninth support hero in the game, Lifeweaver is set to take the spotlight in Season 4 of the epic first-person shooter title.

A major balance concern in Overwatch 2 by fans worldwide is the disproportionate number of heroes in each role, with only eight support heroes compared to the eleven tanks and seventeen DPS heroes. In an effort to address this, Lifeweaver has been introduced as the first of two new support heroes scheduled for release in 2023.

A day after the new hero’s reveal, Xbox’s Twitter account shared a 2D animated Origin Story for the hero as part of the big Lifeweaver info extravaganza which can be viewed below. This short gives players a glimpse into the new healer’s background, it’s standard procedure for all new Overwatch heroes to receive an animated short during their initial release.

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Character Backstory

The hero was once a member of the Vishkar Academy, the same organization where Symmetra, a classic hero of Overwatch, grew up. Lifeweaver combined the academy’s hard light technology with living plants and created bio-light, a healing technology that aimed to improve the world. However, the Vishkar Corporation aimed to take credit for bio-light and exploit it for their own interests. As a result, Lifeweaver left the academy, rejecting Vishkar’s emphasis on conformity, and decided to use bio-light to heal the world independently.

Blizzard continues to showcase a diverse range of characters from around the globe in Overwatch 2, and the addition of the first Thai hero, Lifeweaver, exemplifies this. Lifeweaver attended the same Vishkar Academy as Symmetra, which raises the question of whether they will have any voice lines referencing each other. However, given their strong disapproval of Vishkar and Symmetra’s loyalty to the corporation as a hard light architect, it seems unlikely they will have a friendly relationship. Fans won’t have long to wait as they debut in Overwatch 2 Season 4 on April 11th.

The game is out right now on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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