Fortnite: How to Solve the Yellow Lantern Puzzle at the Lantern Festival

fortnite lantern fest
Fortnite Lantern Festival

As the Lantern Fest Event continues in Fortnite, players can now attempt to solve the new yellow lantern puzzle on the Lantern Fest Tour island. This follows last week’s green lantern puzzle, and two more will be added in the coming weeks. Completing all four puzzles will unlock the Lavish Lantern, which remains shrouded in mystery. Follow our guide below to complete the yellow lantern puzzle and move one step closer to obtaining the Lavish Lantern.

What are the steps to complete the yellow lantern puzzle in Fortnite?

Head over to the western side of the island, north of the Slurp Juice store, to find the yellow lantern. Once there, hit the button at the entrance to enter a room where you have 30 seconds to solve a puzzle.

Fortnite Lantern Fest Puzzle

To solve the puzzle, you need to shoot arrows from your bow to light up the five torches in a specific sequence before the timer runs out. This task demands quick reflexes and accuracy. Below is the correct order to complete the puzzle.

  1. Banana (2)
  2. Pineapple (5)
  3. Mango (4)
  4. Orange (1)
  5. Grape (3)

Once you have successfully lit all the torches in the right order within the given time period, the puzzle will be solved, and you will exit the lantern. You still have the opportunity to unlock two more lanterns before the end of the event, so it is recommended to return to the Lantern Fest Tour island to finish them and discover the contents of the Lavish Lantern.

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