Twitch’s New Sponsorship System Receives Criticism from Streamers


The proposed overhaul of Twitch’s sponsorship system has sparked a new round of contentious discussions about the platform’s operations. Twitch has been on an unprecedented rise in the past years, growing into one of the most prevalent live-streaming services across the globe, drawing in millions of both viewers and content creators.

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However, with Twitch’s rapid expansion, it has also attracted significant scrutiny and objections over its policies and actions, from debates over revenue-sharing arrangements to allegations of biased treatment towards certain streamers.

Experiment Gone Wrong

Twitch revealed on April 4th that it is currently experimenting with a novel sponsorship system, which enables sponsors to fund streams through gifted subscriptions. This innovation has the potential to unlock fresh revenue opportunities for streamers and offer sponsors a more direct method to back their preferred content creators. Despite the potential benefits, several streamers are expressing their reservations about the new system. They fear that Twitch may receive a percentage of the gifted subscriptions, which could impact their earnings.

The recent announcement by Twitch regarding its new sponsorship system has stirred a strong reaction from prominent streamers who have shared their concerns about the platform’s new feature. Pestily, recognised for his Escape from Tarkov streams, criticised Twitch for trying to take a share of sponsored content. PaladinAmber conveyed her wish to handle her own sponsorships and earnings independently, while Bearki urged Twitch to devise a method to cease claiming half of his revenue.

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Kick Is On The Up

The testing phase of the new sponsorship system means that the specifics of how it will function and how much of a cut Twitch will take have yet to be revealed. Nonetheless, the mounting skepticism of streamers towards the platform’s motives and the fear that the new system may diminish their income further, serves as a reminder about distrust towards Twitch’s revenue-sharing model.

The response from streamers has brought attention to the need for clear communication and collaboration between streaming platforms and content creators. Twitch must take these concerns seriously and work towards building trust with their creators. With the emergence of a new streaming platform named Kick, backed by Trainwreck, offering better revenue-sharing options for streamers, it has become crucial for Twitch to pull their finger out and start taking some notice of the content creators that make the platform what it is and where it is today.

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