Overwatch 2 Season 7 Skins Revealed in New Trailer

Overwatch 2 Season 7 Rise of Darkness
Overwatch 2 Season 7 Rise of Darkness

The upcoming Season 7 of Overwatch 2 titled Rise of Darkness will introduce a frightful array of new cosmetic skins when it launches on October 10th. The fresh skins for multiple heroes were revealed in the action-packed Season 7 trailer, showcasing spooky, silly, and stylish looks to collect through the Battle Pass or in-game shop.

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Rise of Darkness leans heavily into Halloween themes with sinister skins that transform the heroes into monsters and ghosts. Although not a full Diablo crossover, some skins directly reference the dark fantasy RPG, like the Lilith Moira legendary unveiled earlier. Other new cosmetics provide lighter takes perfect for the season.

At least 17 skins will be obtainable either on the free or premium Season 7 Battle Pass tracks. Highlights from the free track include Crimson Clown Soldier: 76 and Victorian Ghost Lucio. The premium pass adds standouts like ghostly Widowmaker, Azmodan Wrecking Ball, and the Mythic Onryo Hanzo skin.

Purchasing the Ultimate Battle Pass bundle additionally includes the Lilith Moira, Inarius Pharah, and pumpkin-headed Bastion skins on top of the premium pass rewards. Other creepy or cute costumes like angelic Mercy, zombie Ashe, and rubber ducky Zenyatta will appear directly in the in-game shop.

A special Halloween Terror Credits Shop will also allow purchasing select skins like Gilded Hunter Sombra using Overwatch Credits from October 10th to November 7th. Based on teasers, barbarian Junker Queen and witch Kiriko may emerge here too.

All New Season 7 Overwatch 2 Skins

Overwatch 2 Skins
Free Battle Pass
Crimson Clown Soldier: 76
Victorian Ghost Lucio
Premium Battle Pass
Azmodan Wreckingball
Diesel Barron Ramattra
Ghost Bride Widowmaker
Victorian Doll Echo
Unnamed moon-themed skin for Ilari
Onryo Hanzo, the Mythic Skin for Overwatch 2 Season 7
Ultimate Battle Pass Bundle
Lilith Moira
Inarius Pharah
Pumpkin Bastion
Shop/Currently Unknown Source
Imperious Reinhardt
Necromancer Ramattra
Rubber duck-inspired skins for Orisa and Zenyatta
Unnamed red recolor of Ice Wraith Genji
Unnamed zombie doll Ashe
Unnamed zombie spirit Lifeweaver
Unnamed zombie nurse Mercy

With around two dozen vibrant new looks spanning multiple events and content drops, Season 7 provides plentiful cosmetic variety. The diversity ranges from direct Diablo references for lore fans to lighter holiday styles offering mass appeal.

By tapping into horror themes, Overwatch 2 continues leveraging seasonal tie-ins to keep content and gameplay feeling fresh. The bold new designs inspire players to reimagine familiar heroes in creative ways while collecting skins across rarity tiers.

Overwatch 2 Season 7 Gameplay

As the FPS shooter nears the one-year anniversary of its launch, bold cross-franchise experiments like the Diablo skins demonstrate a willingness to take risks. The game has its issues, but the artistic creativity on display in cosmetics remains top-notch. Whether creepy, cute, or downright devilish, the skins of Season 7 promise fun new ways to experience fan favourite characters.

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With Rise of Darkness just days away, the revealed skins provide tantalising teasers of the Halloween-inspired makeover awaiting the game. The sheer variety gives all players, from casual to competitive, exciting new ways to showcase their dedication and customise their chosen hero.

Overwatch 2 is currently available on Windows PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

Source – Blizzard

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