Overwatch 2 Season 7 Adding New Samoa Map

Overwatch 2 New Map Season 7
Overwatch 2 New Map Season 7

Blizzard recently revealed via social media that a new Control map called Samoa is planned for release when Overwatch 2 Season 7 begins October 1st. The tropical map rounds out hints found on Antarctica Peninsula teasing both Peru and Samoa as upcoming additions. This followed the pattern of new Peruvian hero Illari in Season 6, and now Samoa for Season 7.

Adds to Existing Selection of Control Mode Maps

As described, Samoa will showcase the bright, sunny aesthetics of the Polynesian island nation. Like all Control maps, there will be three distinct variations of the Samoa environment, each with its own contested control point for teams to capture and hold to earn rounds.

Control is considered one of Overwatch’s premier game modes, known for frantic skirmishes over small areas. Samoa aims to deliver that signature strategic tension within gorgeous new tropical settings.

New maps keep multiplayer shooters feeling fresh by expanding the battlefield. Running the same loops grows stale over time, so variety is key to maintaining healthy player counts.

Samoa kicks off Season 7 alongside the usual slate of new heroes, cosmetics, balance changes and more. The map reveal has already sparked speculation about what other content players can expect next season.

New maps anchor each season by providing bold new environments and dynamics. Samoa transports players from Antarctica’s cold in Season 6 to the sunny Pacific beaches. Wherever Overwatch 2 goes next, Blizzard strives to create sights worth exploring.

Recently the game’s director revealed that Roadhog tank will receive a revitalising rework next season at some point in mid-November 2023.

Map Sparks Speculation About Talon Operative Mauga

Overwatch 2 Invasion Cinematic Screen

One hero possibility fans have discussed for Season 8 is Talon operative Mauga, who has ties to Samoa. Mauga was originally envisioned as Hero 31 but was scrapped due to kit and lore mismatches.

With the character’s arrival, some believe Mauga could finally debut, perhaps weaving in map elements thematically. However, new hero Illari just launched in Season 6, so Mauga may be more likely for Season 8.

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Either way, Mauga represents the rich character backstories Overwatch 2 can draw from for future content. Samoa laid groundwork should Mauga receive his long-rumoured due. But fans will have to wait and see what other surprises may arrive next season and beyond.

Overwatch 2 is available to play now on Windows PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X.

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