Roadhog Rework Still on Track for Overwatch 2 Season 7

Overwatch 2 Director Confirms Roadhog Rework
Overwatch 2 Director Confirms Roadhog Rework

Good news for beleaguered Roadhog mains – the Overwatch 2 director confirms the bruising tank will receive a revitalising rework next season. Aaron Keller offered reassurance amidst Roadhog’s reduced impact since the switch to 5v5 matches. The overhaul aims to restore his viability as a formidable solo frontline fixture.

Director Keller Offers Update in Latest Blog Post

Since 2016, Roadhog built his reputation for menacing flanks and punishing hook combos. Plucking enemies from their teams and obliterating squishies made him an intimidating presence.

But sacrificing a second tank for heightened speed and damage in Overwatch 2 forced changes. Solo tank duty demands more frontline presence protecting teammates.

Future of One-Shot Combos and Self-Heal Remains Unclear

Early days saw Roadhog maintain relevance through one-shot potential alone. But subsequent damage nerfs to his scrap gun took away punishing combos after hooking targets.

This led to plummeting pick rates as the hog’s impact waned. Promised reworks proved necessary to prevent an extinction level event for Roadhog mains.

Keller offered respite in a latest blog update confirming the overhaul remains on track for Season 7. A mid-November arrival looks likely based on typical mid-season patch timings.

This reinvigoration can’t come soon enough for disheartened hog enthusiasts. But details remain sparing for now regarding planned changes.

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Most expect his deadly hook and healing ability to stay largely intact with tweaks. Letting Roadhog one-shot again seems improbable given intents to reduce burst damage potential.

Overwatch 2 Roadhog Rework News

However, his massive self-heal potential while taking fire may see dramatic cutbacks. Supports can now focus resources on the solo tank rather than two. Roadhog’s survivability has ballooned as a result.

Whatever emerges, reinventing Roadhog’s role for 5v5 is no small task. But few Overwatch heroes boast more character than this deadly yet lovable ruffian.

With fan-favourite hero Sombra lined up next for overhaul, Roadhog first gets his turn entering the workshop. Season 7’s anniversary and Halloween content should also soon occupy fans.

But for now, hope glimmers of redemption on the horizon for Mr. Hog. Dedicated players eagerly await seeing their icon restored to former glory. The apocalypse may just have to wait a while longer.

Overwatch 2 is currently available on Windows PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

Source – Blizzard

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