Director Reveals How Daisy Joined Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Daisy
Super Mario Bros. Wonder Daisy

Peace in the Mushroom Kingdom at last! Super Mario Bros. Wonder director Shiro Mouri revealed he added playable Princess Daisy to resolve family arguments. For decades, his daughters battled over playing as Peach in co-op Mario adventures. But no longer!

Daisy’s playable debut in a mainline Mario platformer came as a wonderful surprise when Wonder’s first trailer dropped in June. Fans overwhelmingly approved this overdue elevation from Mario spin-off purgatory.

Historically, Daisy featured as Luigi’s love interest or Peach’s sidekick in sport and party titles. But her absence from core jump-and-stomp quests frustrated devotees.

Many believed Daisy deserved a spot on the frontlines alongside her royal counterpart for years. Mouri confirmed fan speculation factored into her inclusion, but domestic disputes played an equal part!

In an interview, the director disclosed his intention to pacify household unrest. With Daisy joining the roster, both his daughters can finally play as their princess of choice cooperatively.

This solution also brings joy to countless Mario fans eager to enjoy Daisy’s playstyle. Mouri believes her presence satisfies devoted Daisy devotees and squabbling siblings alike!

Characters Share Abilities, Badges Add Special Powers

Princess Daisy Joins Super Mario Bros. Wonder

All characters in Wonder share identical traits – only aesthetic preferences separate the heroes. But unique Badges add creative variety by granting special abilities.

These abilities are very handy against the enemies in the game and can make life a lot easier for you. The power-ups are arguably the biggest talking point of the title and have gone down very well within the community.

Players can customise characters with Wall Jumps, Floating Capes and more. These powers emulate famous moves from Luigi, Peach and other franchise icons. Mixing and matching unlocks new strategies.

Between the wealth of customisation and a roster catering to all princess preferences, Super Mario Bros. Wonder shapes up as a wonderfully ambitious entry.

There will be no need to fight over roles. With Princess Daisy joining the playable crew, now everyone can enjoy playing their personal pick!

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Super Mario Bros. Wonder arrives on October the 20th, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

Source – Eurogamer

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