Super Mario Bros. Wonder Showcases New Enemies Alongside Old Favourites

Super Mario Bros. Wonder New Enemies

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Showcases Brand New Enemies Alongside Franchise Staples.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder New Enemies

Mario’s upcoming 2D odyssey Super Mario Bros. Wonder continues showcasing its eccentric new ideas, recently unveiling an array of fresh foes for players to face across the Flower Kingdom. The latest trailer highlights creative new creatures with novel abilities alongside returning franchise icons.

From warping Wonder Effects to unconventional power-ups, Wonder revels in boundary-pushing concepts after years of safer 2D Mario releases. Nintendo’s latest broadcast offered another sampling of surprises in store for gamers come October 20th.

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Several new enemies exhibit behaviours unlike anything the famous gaming plumber has encountered before. Hoppycats mimic the player’s jumps to confuse timing, while aerial Condarts lodge themselves into platforms when struck.

Other original enemies put twists on familiar functions. Melon Piranha Plants spit seeds rather than chomping, and Konks function like Thwomps that crush goo blocks impeding progress.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Melon Piranha Plants
Melon Piranha Plants

Some Wonder foes demand completely unique strategies. Mawsie enemies must be unwound strand by strand to defeat. And aptly named Maw-Maws will instantly swallow your character whole if you venture too near their gigantic mouths.

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Iconic Enemies Return as Well

Of course, alongside all these new troublemakers, Wonder retains a selection of the Mushroom Kingdom’s most iconic adversaries. Goombas, Koopa Troopas, Boos and Lakitu all stand ready to impede Mario’s journey as usual.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Koopa Troopas
Koopa Troopas

The Direct teased even more unrevealed creatures, like platform-devouring birds and Hammer Bros-esque minions wielding blocks. With the footage just scratching the surface, captivating new challenges surely await in remote corners.

Wonder’s bold new direction comes at an exciting time for the franchise, with a Mario RPG remake due in November and a Luigi’s Mansion remaster in 2024. But Wonder leads the charge, modernising Mario’s side-scrolling roots with panache.

With both novel concepts and classic callbacks, Nintendo fires on all cylinders for the gaming icon’s 2D return. The brilliantly bizarre enemies hinted at exemplify Wonder’s ethos – embracing the familiar while fearlessly innovating. A winning combination.

Soon players will see firsthand what fresh horizons await for Mario’s moveset and world design. Until then, speculate wildly on what other wondrous surprises lurk in this Flower Kingdom’s fertile soils.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder arrives on October 20th for the Nintendo Switch.

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