Pre-Orders Open for Sony’s New PS5 DualSense and Cover Colours

New PS5 Deep Earth Collection
New PS5 Deep Earth Collection

Sony has opened pre-orders for an upcoming Deep Earth Collection of their new DualSense wireless controller and PS5 console cover colours. The range includes sleek metallic finishes in Volcanic Red, Cobalt Blue, and Sterling Silver. Fans will soon be able to personalise their PS5 hardware with these vibrant new shades.

According to PlayStation Blog posts, the Deep Earth Collection was inspired by the powerful hues found deep within the planet. The designers aimed to elevate the colours by adding sophisticated metallic textures. Volcanic Red has a bold, fiery red tone, while Cobalt Blue mixes intriguing hints of purple into its deep blue shade. Sterling Silver offers a classic, elegant look with subtle blue undertones.

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Pre-orders for the Deep Earth Collection will begin on October 4th via the PlayStation Store and select retailers in the US, UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Austria, and Portugal. Additional global markets will also offer limited pre-order allocations.

How Much Will The New Deep Earth Range Cost?

The Volcanic Red and Cobalt Blue options will launch first on November 3rd, followed by the Sterling Silver on January 26th. The DualSense controllers will retail for $74.99, €74.99, £64.99 or equivalent, while the PS5 console covers will be priced at $59.99, €59.99, £49.99 or equivalent depending on region.

While not as flashy as some previous special designs like the LeBron James collaboration, the new Deep Earth range provides an attractive new set of colours for PS5 owners to personalise their console and controllers. The looks are more subdued but retain a stylish metallic aesthetic.

The range adds to the growing diversity of first-party accessories and wraps enabling gamers to customise the look and feel of their PS5 hardware. Even more radical customisation is possible through third parties and user modifications thanks to the system’s detachable white faceplates.

Sony have been busy as of late with their console, a system update for September 2023 was released which expanded SSD support to 8TB and added helpful social features. The PS Store also got an update that added the ability for gamers to leave ratings between 1 to 5 stars to PS4 and PS5 games they have purchased.

Adds To Growing Diversity of PS5 Personalisation

PS5 Controllers molten Volcanic Red, alluring Cobalt Blue, and sleek Sterling Silver

Offering official coloured accessories is an easy way for Sony to expand personalisation options for PlayStation 5 owners. More limited edition artistic designs appeal to hardcore collectors, while understated collections like Deep Earth cater to users desiring only subtle styling tweaks.

Though some fans doubtless hope for even more radical colour schemes, the three new Deep Earth options provide an appealing balance of practicality and individual flair. As Sony explores bolder conceptual designs, stylish yet accessible collections like this help broaden the PS5’s appeal.

The ability to tailor console hardware visually has become an expectation of modern gamers. Sony has embraced personal customisation both through official accessories and supporting user creativity. With the Deep Earth Collection soon in eager fans’ hands, the PS5 ecosystem will continue expanding in exciting new directions.

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