New PS5 System Update Adds Helpful Features and 8TB SSD Support

New PS5 System Update September 2023

PlayStation 5 System Update Adds Helpful New Features and SSD Support.

New PS5 System Update September 2023

Sony recently rolled out a major September 2023 firmware update for PlayStation 5, introducing helpful new accessibility options, social improvements and expanded SSD compatibility.

The PS5 September System Update 2023 Patch Notes

New FeaturesDescription
New accessibility features– Users can now utilize a second DualSense controller for assistance purposes.
New audio options– 3D Audio powered by Tempest 3D AudioTech is now available on compatible Dolby Atmos-enabled HDMI devices.
New ways to connect with other players– Enhanced options for connecting with other players and customizing multiplayer sessions.
Support for larger-capacity M.2 SSDs (up to 8TB)– The update adds support for M.2 SSDs with capacities of up to 8TB for expanded storage options.

Headlining the update is increased SSD storage capacity, now boosted from 4TB to 8TB maximum. With the PS5’s internal drive just 825GB, greatly expanding space through add-in M.2 drives lets owners future-proof their console.

Of course, 8TB SSDs currently demand premium prices around £800 – twice the PS5’s cost. But the tenfold increase in potential storage provides peace of mind as expansive next-gen games proliferate.

Beyond bulking up storage, the update also enhances accessibility through innovative DualSense use. Players can now connect two PS5 controllers to act as a unified input source. This allows disabled gamers to play with extended inputs adapted to their needs.

PS5 Accessibility Options

Social improvements arrive too like quick private party invitations and joinable friend activity notifications on the main menu. The Friends tab highlights pals open to connecting across games and media.

Voice Commands and Android TV Support Added

For new owners, a tips section explains PS5 features while voice commands now offer expanded help queries. And Android TVs by Sony and Google gain PS5 Remote Play capabilities following the update.

Patch notes further confirm added 3D audio support through Dolby Atmos sound systems. New activity cards also help track progress across game chapters and challenges.

PS5 Support for compatible Dolby Atmos-enabled audio devices

Recently the new PlayStation Portal handeld was unveiled for mobile gaming, so Sony have been very busy as of late when it comes to their gaming enterprise.

This firmware release follows July’s PS5 beta which first tested DualSense accessibility pairing and SSD enhancements. After six weeks of feedback, both features now officially debut to aid more players.

Overall, the September update shows Sony’s commitment to expanding PS5 accessibility and enhancing quality of life. Even three years from launch, regular OS updates make the console more capable and inclusive.

Subtle touches like disabling boot beep sounds show Sony’s attention to detail as well. They aim to craft a uniquely customised PS5 experience catering to each individual’s needs and preferences.

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With expanded SSD support future-proofing storage and social improvements cementing connections, the PS5 system continues maturing into an inclusive hub for gaming and entertainment. This milestone update keeps the console at the cutting edge heading into an exciting holiday 2023 launch window.

Source – PlayStation Blog

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