PlayStation Portal Handheld Revealed for Mobile PS5 Game Streaming

PlayStation Portal

PlayStation’s New Portal Handheld Is Announced And It Offers PS5 Streaming at £169.99.

PlayStation Portal

The future of PlayStation portable play has arrived, though not quite in the form fans envisioned. Previously known by its codename, Project Q, the official moniker is now PlayStation Portal – and its purpose remains streaming, not dedicated gaming.

Slated for £169.99 this holiday season, Portal allows remotely playing PS5 games on an 8-inch LCD display. But with no onboard compute, it lacks traditional handheld functionality. Hence the divided reactions from gamers since its reveal.

Many hoped PlayStation’s return to portable hardware after a decade away would evoke PSP and Vita glory days. Instead, Portal focuses on unrestricted access to existing PS5 libraries, akin to the Wii U GamePad.

That singular streaming focus may limit appeal for some. But the handheld’s bespoke design and integration could endear it to couch and traveling players alike. Its scope seems clearly defined.

Promises Fidelity and Low Latency When Streaming Over Wi-Fi

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The 1080p display and 60fps target provide portable visuals approximating the PS5 itself. Meanwhile, all the signature DualSense controller features carry over as well, from haptic feedback to adaptive triggers. This aims to mirror the console experience as closely as possible, streamed remotely over Wi-Fi.

The only PS5 titles off-limits are VR and cloud-streamed games. So the majority of releases will be present and playable through Portal without comprising on fidelity. Whether the £169.99 cost warrants that flexibility will be subjective based on gaming habits.

Unfortunately, a firm release date remains unannounced for now. But it seems poised to launch before 2023 ends. The timing would capture holiday gift-giving and tap into eager portable players.

Interestingly, Portal may not be the only new PlayStation hardware dropping this year if rumours hold true. Persistent leaks point to an imminent slimline PS5 revision with detachable disc drive. But nothing’s confirmed yet. The access controller was also revealed last month that will help to break down barriers for gamers.

In the meantime, Portal’s best pitch is untethered convenience at a reasonable price. Lag and latency could constrain the experience, but PlayStation-caliber games otherwise accessible on a bespoke handheld are enticing.

It may not be the full-fledged portable successor PlayStation devotees dreamed of. But Portal’s potential as a supplementary display alternative is strong for the right gamer lifestyles. Consider it a gateway to the future of the console’s portability.

The days of dedicated handheld gaming are arguably waning industry-wide. But the handheld could keep that concept alive, while charting a new course to remain viable and relevant. A custom handheld just for cloud game streaming still holds certain appeal.

For the PS faithful, Portal pre-orders are clearly the next watershed hardware event as 2022 winds down. While divisive, its purpose blends flexibility and fidelity in an intriguing balance. The future of gaming is undeniably multiple.

Source – PlayStation Blog

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