Rate Purchased PS4/PS5 Games 1-5 Stars in New PlayStation Store Update

PlayStation Store Ratings Update
PlayStation Store Ratings Update

PlayStation has implemented a new user rating system for games on the platform. The feature allows players who own titles on PS4 or PS5 to assign a one to five star grade reflecting their experience. Restricting ratings only to verified owners aims to increase legitimacy and reduce potential abuse.

As shared by PushSquare, the five-star rating option recently appeared for many users across purchased games in their library. To provide a rating, head to the game’s store page and select “View Product”. The current average rating now displays below the logo.

Selecting the score pulls up expanded statistics including total ratings submitted and percentage breakdowns per star level. Crucially, only players who bought the game digitally or added it via PS Plus can contribute a rating.

Shows Helpful Percentages for Each Star Rating Level

The additional info view shows a more granular rundown of which percentage assigned each score. Written reviews aren’t supported, just tapping 1 to 5 stars. This streamlined approach delivers straightforward community feedback.

Mortal Kombat 1 PlayStation Rating PS Store
Jedi Survivor PlayStation Rating PS Store

The preceding illustration highlights Mortal Kombat 1, demonstrating that this fighting game has garnered an impressive overall rating of 4.68 from a user base of 2,000. Another noteworthy title is Star Wars Jedi Survivor, which boasts a solid rating of 4.56 from a community of 574 players.

For prospective buyers, these authentic ratings offer valuable insight into others’ experiences before purchasing. Seeing overwhelming scores of 1 or 2 stars serves as a warning, while a strong 4+ average suggests broad enjoyment.

Of course, even with ownership restrictions, review bombing and other potential abuse is a concern with any user rating system. Requiring possession adds friction but motivated saboteurs may still coordinate attacks.

Ideally the ownership constraint minimises frivolous ratings, but review bombing has become an emerging issue as players realise their influence. Platforms continue seeking the right balance between user feedback and avoiding unwarranted pile-ons.

More Nuanced Than Old Thumbs Up/Down Approach

On PlayStation, the previous binary “thumb up/down” mechanic provided less nuance than a five point scale. But the system’s success depends on the community using it responsibly to inform, not punish developers over inevitable hiccups.

Time will tell whether this helpful new feature empowers players to make smarter purchases through organic consensus or enables more Creative outlets for toxicity. PlayStation must remain vigilant and ready to tweak things if certain games fall prey to sabotage.

For now, a cautious optimism seems warranted around the net benefits if not abused. More voices and metrics guide consumers and ensure creators stay responsive. As with user reviews broadly, the positives likely outweigh potential drawbacks.

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