Iconic Horizon Heroine Now a Cosplaying Duck

Iconic Horizon Heroine Now a Cosplaying Duck
Iconic Horizon Heroine Now a Cosplaying Duck

The acclaimed heroine of Horizon Forbidden West, Aloy, has officially joined the TUBBZ cosplaying duck collectible series from Numskull Designs. This clever collaboration translates the machine-hunting protagonist into an adorable doll form while retaining her iconic armor and weaponry. It offers a fun twist on the character for dedicated franchise fans.

Standing about 3.54 inches tall, the vinyl Aloy TUBBZ toy captures the intricate details of her outfit with accuracy. The armor plates, tribal patterns, and bow are faithfully depicted in miniature. Vibrant color choices reflect the look from the games. The duck’s pose dynamically evokes the protagonist readying her bow, ready for action.

“First Edition” Collector Variant

As a “First Edition” exclusive variant, the collectible has distinguishing features signaling its limited status. The tub display stand is decorated with Horizon Forbidden West branding. Also, the doll itself has “First Edition” marked on the base, while special edition stickers adorn the packaging. These touches emphasize its collectability for those who acquire it early.

While undeniably cute, the Aloy duck incarnation stays true to the character’s formidable spirit. Collectors can easily imagine this pint-sized warrior defending the pond against mechanical waterfowl threats. It’s a clever adaptation blending lighthearted appeal and franchise authenticity.

Of course, this TUBBZ release aims squarely at Horizon fans who will appreciate the creativity of transforming the machine-hunting heroine into duck form. It makes for a unique representation of the lead character to stand alongside the expected statuettes and figures. The quality and details ensure her legend won’t be quacked.

Joining Gaming Icons

By joining the TUBBZ line, Aloy now stands alongside other gaming icons like Bill from The Last of Us who have also been reimagined as cosplaying ducks. Collectors can admire how skillfully her armor is miniaturized while maintaining functionality. Thanks to Numskull Designs‘ creative approach, fans can now display a soft and cuddly version of the warrior who defines Horizon.

Aloy’s quest to save the planet and humanity has resonated with gamers worldwide. Now thanks to expert craftsmanship and charming novelty, devotees can bring home a bitsy rendition of their hero to remind them of her inspiring odyssey.

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Horizon Forbidden West is currently available on PS4 and PS5, early 2024 on PC.

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