Where Fans Expected Horizon Burning Shores to Take Place

Where Fans Expected Horizon Burning Shores to Take Place
Where Fans Expected Horizon Burning Shores to Take Place

With Horizon Forbidden West‘s Burning Shores DLC out, its real Los Angeles setting surprised fans who expected two other possible spots. Using clues from the base game, these areas seemed ready for expansion, but ultimately misled the speculative hype.

Hollowrock’s Forbidden Castle: A Gladiatorial Enigma

Where Fans Expected Horizon Burning Shores to Take Place (Hollowrock)

Reddit user lucasssotero found a tempting zone near Hollowrock lured adventurers toward faraway mountains, triggering a warning about leaving the playable area. This instantly brought back memories of Zero Dawn’s boundary pushing Banuk discovery. Photo mode scouting of the off-limits heights revealed a towering castle with a battle arena inside.

Given Horizon’s habit of ruins with combat like the Arena and Melee Pits, this mysterious fortress seemed ripe for DLC. Fans guessed its gladiator past could host new side content and legendary gear rewards. But the castle firmly stays off limits for now.

Hoover Dam: Nature’s Reclamation

Where Fans Expected Horizon Burning Shores to Take Place (Hoover Dam)

The other misleading area was real-world landmark Hoover Dam, hidden downriver from Shadow’s Reach, reported by purple_clang. Again, photo mode provided a better look at this massive desert structure. A giant patrolling Tideripper also hinted at importance.

Of course, Hoover Dam has inherent post-apocalyptic appeal as a famous wrecked relic reclaimed by nature and machines. The Tideripper’s looming guard duty at its walls paralleled entering The Frozen Wilds via a Scorcher boss. So logic suggested this could be Burning Shores’ big gateway.

Though wrong, these pre-release theories showed fans’ passionate drive to uncover every hidden corner of this gripping world. Whether through stretching photo mode limits or scouring real-world maps for hints, the urge to unveil secrets continues.

These locations may not have been Burning Shores’ foundations, but they offer intrigue for yet untold tales. Forbidden West’s borders still hide environments and narratives awaiting those determined enough to break restrictions. Such is the infectious spirit these games create.

Guerrilla had bigger plans for deserted Los Angeles than these tempting red herrings. But their inclusion still succeeded in firing up ideas about Horizon’s wider frontiers. Both spots stay shrouded in enough mystery to maybe tempt explorers again someday.

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Horizon Forbidden West is available on PS4 and PS5 – The Burning Shores DLC only on PS5.

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