Horizon Zero Dawn, Top 10 Best Mods

Horizon Zero Dawn, Top 10 Best Mods
Horizon Zero Dawn Top 10 Best Mods

Horizon Zero Dawn captivated players with its blend of sci-fi and primal beauty. As an iconic new IP, mods allow fans to tailor Aloy’s adventure for an optimal experience. Here are 10 top-ranking mods from Nexus Mods that enhance Horizon’s core strengths while addressing minor flaws:

10. Eliminate Fall Damage

Horizon Zero Dawn, Top 10 Best Mods (Remove Fall Damage)

Navigating Horizon’s world should be thrilling, not frustrating. But fall damage from minor drops disrupts flow. Remove Fall Damage prevents such immersion-breaking penalties, letting platforming feel fun rather than finicky.

9. Save Game Plus with Face Paint Options

Horizon Zero Dawn, Top 10 Best Mods (Save Game Plus (Face Paint Available))

Eager for NG+ perks without the wait? Save Game Plus unlocks Ultra Hard, face paints, poses and more instantly. Or if you prefer a purer run, starting fresh while retaining cosmetics is possible too. Convenience without compromise.

8. Control Young Aloy

Horizon Zero Dawn, Top 10 Best Mods (Control Young Aloy)

A fascinating recent Play as Child Aloy mod lets players control a child version of Aloy for the full game. While only possible for the opening missions normally, this tweak enables taking the endearing 5-year-old into the later dangerous challenges across Horizon’s world. Though not fully realistic, the chance to guide sweet young Aloy through threats meant for her adult self provides a uniquely charming experience.

7. Enhanced Rain Realism

Horizon Zero Dawn, Top 10 Best Mods (Natural Rain)

Small touches enhance realism enormously. Natural Rain replaces Horizon’s streaky default precipitation with varied, opaque raindrops that enable better visibility. It’s a subtle yet transformative upgrade.

6. Additional Inventory Space

Horizon Zero Dawn, Top 10 Best Mods (Powerful Aloy)

A common complaint is Horizon’s limited inventory space. Powerful Aloy removes this immersion-breaking limitation, letting you fully enjoy the action and rewards. No more agonizing over which items to keep after big takedowns.

5. Character Swap Library

Horizon Zero Dawn, Top 10 Best Mods (Character Swap Library)

For a dramatic change of perspective, the ingeniously seamless Model Swap Library mod inserts 16 characters in Aloy’s stead. Suddenly, allies like Sylens or villains like Helis become playable – with full facial animations.

4. Realistic Visual Enhancements with Natural Clover Reshade

Horizon Zero Dawn, Top 10 Best Mods (Natural Clover Reshade)

For showcasing Horizon’s jaw-dropping vistas, Natural Clover Reshade is a must, using tweaks like reduced fog and enhanced lighting to add realism. Vast lands gleam with renewed splendor so not an inch of beauty goes unappreciated.

3. Casual Attire for Aloy

Horizon Zero Dawn Top 10 Best Mods Casual Outfit for Aloy

Why can’t a badass post-apocalyptic hunter relax in comfort? The Casual Outfit mod gives Aloy a tank top, shorts and tennis shoes so she can take down robots in style. It’s a playful change of pace from her usual garb.

2. Aloy with New Hairstyles

Horizon Zero Dawn Top 10 Best Mods Aloy – Hair Colors

Hair colors allow stylish new looks for Aloy without altering her identity. From bold purples to natural blondes, injecting self-expression makes saving humanity all the more personal.

1. Game Tweaks and Cheat Menu for Ultimate Control

Horizon Zero Dawn Top 10 Best Mods Gameplay Tweaks and Cheat Menu

But for truly godlike power, Gameplay Tweaks’ vast cheat options can’t be beat. Spawn monsters, control weather, enable noclip and more – your game, your rules. Play how you want without judgement.

Horizon Zero Dawn modding unlocks new possibilities while enhancing strengths. With the right customizations, Aloy’s journey becomes your own legend waiting to unfold. Where will your imagination lead? The choice is yours.

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Horizon Zero Dawn is available on Windows PC and PS4.

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