Horizon Forbidden West, Top 6 Best Armours

Horizon Forbidden West, Top 6 best Armours
Horizon Forbidden West, Top 6 best Armours

Among Horizon Forbidden West‘s treasure trove of legendary armour, a few sets stand tall above the rest. Whether favoring stealth, traps, ranged combat or melee, Aloy has options to suit any playstyle. Here are the top 6 most powerful and useful legendary armours available:

6. Tenakth Tactician

Horizon Forbidden West, Top 6 best Armours (Tenakth Tactician)

The Tenakth Tactician excels at machine mastery. Skills boost overrides, making enemies into allies, while stealth and machine damage weaves enable quiet, surgical machine strikes. To acquire it, harvest an Apex Slitherfang Heart and Thunderjaw Circulator. Then visit Thornmarsh to purchase it for 2000 shards.

5. Utaru Winterweave

Horizon Forbidden West Top 6 best Armours Utaru Winterweave

For stealthy infiltrators, the Utaru Winterweave is unrivaled. With bonuses to silent movement and strikes, it ensures Aloy always gets the drop on enemies. Sneak up to unsuspecting foes and vanish like a ghost. This set can be bought in Thornmarsh for 2000 shards after obtaining an Apex Dreadwing Heart and Tremortusk Circulator.

4. Carja Stalker Elite

Horizon Forbidden West Top 6 best Armours Carja Stalker Elite

Trappers and saboteurs require the Carja Stalker Elite armour. Skills allow rapid trap placement and carrying more, while weaves augment trap damage. Bring the environment itself to life against enemies. After earning 54 Arena medals, grab it from the merchant outside the Arena.

3. Tenakth Vanquisher

Horizon Forbidden West, Top 6 best Armours (Tenakth Vanquisher)

Up close brawlers prefer the Tenakth Vanquisher, granting high risk, high reward bonuses when health drops low, plus faster Valor gains to trigger abilities more often. Get 54 Arena medals then visit the merchant outside the Arena.

2. Nora Thunder Warrior

Horizon Forbidden West Top 6 best Armours Nora Thunder Warrior

The Nora Thunder Warrior armour is a top-tier hunter set. With a focus on bow and sniper gameplay, it boosts stamina and weapon techniques to allow non-stop damage from afar. This suit also uniquely provides higher resistance to impact damage compared to other legendaries, enabling safely raining down shots from distance. After earning 54 Arena medals from grounds challenges and arena battles, visit the merchant right outside to purchase this elite long-range armour.

1. Oseram Artificer

Horizon Forbidden West Top 6 best Armours Oseram Artificer

But the ultimate armour is the Oseram Artificer – hardest to earn but boasting the best defense and spear-focused perks. Completing all Oseram contracts rewards this resilient melee powerhouse. It’s a long quest but nets the Forbidden West’s strongest protection.

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Horizon Forbidden West is currently accessible for PS4 and PS5.

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