Horizon 3, Carrying Prior Upgrades

Horizon 3, Carrying Prior Upgrades

In Horizon franchise, there was no possibility to have a well-equipped Aloy carrying all the previous upgrades. The games start with zero level, and during the journey, Aloy will make new bows, unlock more armors, and craft extra arrows. One of the interesting features the sequel can have is the upgrades Aloy already holds from the past.

New Game+ at the Start? The Ultimate Part 3 Experience

Horizon 3, Carrying Prior Upgrades

Addition of all the upgrades, crafts, bows, armors, etc., if possible, to the next section of Aloy’s story can be of advantage. The player is going to be able to begin the story in Very Hard or even Ultra Hard difficulty. One of the games holding this feature is The Witcher. If playing Geralt’s story from the very beginning in Part 1 aligns with many new upgrades, skills, swords, in the start of Part 2, you can still have the previous unlocked-skills, and put them into the use in fighting against more dangerous monsters, alongside unlocking new abilities.

Such extension and connection of a franchise could have happened in the series, but since Horizon Forbidden West did not own such feature, it would be an interesting idea to bring it for the last part of the game. Guerrilla Games can still publish a new and unique update for HFW with a capability of bringing all possible upgrades from HZD, as some features of HFW resemble the previous section, for instance Aloy’s Carja Blazon armor.

Upon finishing the main story of HFW, the game automatically gives you the New Game+, with which you can restart the game with all the skills you have already unlocked. Imagine that we would have a New Game+ feature at the starting point of the game, accessing us to all available weapons from HZD.

All in all, Guerrilla Games Studio can be taking into consideration the feature of providing all upgrades in HZD and HFW in the third chapter of the game to create an amazing link between Horizon 3 and prior versions.

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Horizon and The Witcher franchises are accessible on PC, XBOX, and PlayStation.

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