Activision Summons Spyro Villain Ripto to Crash Team Rumble

Spyro Villain Ripto to Join Crash Team Rumble
Spyro Villain Ripto to Join Crash Team Rumble

Activision stokes nostalgia by summoning classic Spyro villain Ripto to the arena in Crash Team Rumble Season 2. The power-hungry dinosaur warps into the multiplayer party brawler on 12th of September alongside new maps and modes.

Ripto crosses over from Spyro’s cartoony dragon realm to battle Crash Bandicoot and friends. This makes him the first Spyro character to join Crash’s chaotic team-based skirmishes.

His arrival coincides with Crash 4-themed arenas like Waste Deep and an upcoming Halloween event. But surprisingly not the purple dragon himself – yet.

Many expected franchise hero Spyro to blaze the trail instead of his arch-nemesis. After all, Spyro previously raced alongside the gaming icon in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled.

Perhaps Activision plans to unleash the legendary dragon later to align with his 25th anniversary this month. Ripto’s inclusion at least builds anticipation for his scaly rival.

Ripto first terrorised Spyro’s world in 1999’s Ripto’s Rage on PlayStation. His spite and inferiority complex drive his pursuit of power no matter the cost.

Magic abilities like flaming projectiles and toxic bombs make Ripto a formidable foe. These fantastical skills should translate well to CTR’s zany multiplayer arena.

Spyro himself has enjoyed great success lately, further stoking hopes for a guest appearance. The reignited remake trilogy has sold over 10 million copies since 2018.

Crossover Delights Fans of PlayStation Mascots

Crash Team Rumble Ripto News

There’s never been a better time for the hot-headed yet good-natured dragon to join his fellow 90s mascot in the arena. If not now, surely Spyro can’t stay grounded forever with his popularity soaring.

Regardless, Ripto shaking up the Crash roster makes for an exciting crossover. Activision artfully plucks nostalgia strings by uniting iconic yet competing classics.

Long-time PlayStation fans should delight in seeing their childhood favourites collide in hunky-dory fashion. Crash and Spyro defined many players’ formative gaming memories.

While the purple dragon remains conspicuously absent, Ripto crashing the party still evokes a potent dose of nostalgia. And Season 2 is only the beginning of character crossovers.

With anticipation for Spyro now stoked, the stage seems set for the fan-pleasing dragon to arrive in due time. After a successful closed beta and even better launch day, the latest title in the series seems to be gaining momentum in the gaming sphere. Lets hope that season 2 turn out to be a cracker!

Crash Team Rumble is playable now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source – Destructoid

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