Is Spyro The Dragon: Making a Comeback in Crash Team Rumble?

Spyro The Dragon Comeback
Spyro The Dragon Comeback

Has Spyro the Dragon, the legendary purple fire-breather, been languishing on the bench for too long? Well, strap in, because he could be getting a run-out in Crash Team Rumble. There’s a certain delicious irony here.

Insomniac Games, the developers now lauded for the Ratchet and Clank series and Marvel’s Spider-Man, first made their name with Spyro in the heady days of the original PlayStation back in 1998.

Spyro The Dragon: A Brief History of the Fiery Legend

Spyro quickly blazed a trail to become a PlayStation mascot, although his fiery charms weren’t confined to Sony’s console as the years rolled on. From sequel after sequel, a more mature makeover in the Legend of Spyro trilogy, to the birth of the Skylanders spin-off, Spyro was everywhere.

Then, suddenly, our flame-breathing friend’s light was snuffed out, only occasionally flickering to life, such as in 2018’s Spyro Reignited Trilogy. That revival got tongues wagging, with speculation of more Spyro adventures smouldering in the background, further stoked by Activision giving Spyro some love on its social media banners earlier this year.

While the elusive confirmation of a new Spyro game remains as elusive as a golden snitch, a certain marsupial might be about to give him a much-deserved time in the spotlight.

Spyro The Dragon and Crash Team Rumble: A Fortuitous Unearthing

Spyro super-fan and YouTuber KrystalVixon has been acting like a regular Sherlock Holmes, uncovering intriguing clues in Crash Team Rumble’s concept art and inaugural Battle Pass. These pointers suggest Spyro may soon be breathing fire in this free-to-play multiplayer royal rumble.

There are crystal dragon statues, the spitting image of those from the original Spyro game, in the backdrop of the “Dragon Vision” banner. This intriguing banner, unlocked at the lofty heights of the battle pass’s 71st tier, suggests a dragon-sized guest appearance. However, sceptics will remind us that dragons have mingled with Crash Bandicoot before.

Even more curious evidence of Spyro’s potential visit to Crash Team Rumble has surfaced. An emblem on the game’s website, linked to characters not included in the initial game roster, bears a striking resemblance to Spyro’s wing and a necklace, potentially a nod to Spyro’s arch-nemesis, Ripto.

Should Spyro indeed swoop into Crash Team Rumble, it’d be somewhat poetic. Both he and Crash, his marsupial buddy, first captured gamers’ hearts on the original PlayStation before becoming part of Activision’s squad.

They’ve crossed paths in Skylanders and early 2000s Game Boy Advance spin-offs, so perhaps another reunion is on the cards. Despite no official confirmation, hopes for Spyro’s return to the gaming scene, even in a supporting role, are flying high.

Crash Team Rumble is playable now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Light those candles for Spyro, gamers. His time could be coming.

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