Decode the Clues – Is Crash Bandicoot 5 Finally Happening?

Crash Bandicoot
Crash Bandicoot

Wumpa Island’s whirling warrior has spun, smashed and slid his way into our hearts for over 25 years now. But after recent side-scrolling and karting detours, when will Crash Bandicoot finally bash back into the spotlight with a blockbuster new 3D platforming quest?

Longtime fans fondly recall Crash’s PlayStation heyday – frenetic adventures brimming with colourful characters, devious obstacles and zany action. After years of diminishing returns, 2020’s It’s About Time recaptured that magic for a new generation.

Yet Toys for Bob planted a cryptic clue amidst the time-travelling hijinks, teasing the existence of Crash 5. So far its meaning remains obscured, but hopes persist that the marsupial still has unfinished business.

Of course, decoding Activision’s plans is never straightforward. Toys for Bob’s focus has pivoted – assisting on Call of Duty while crafting the upcoming team-based Crash Team Rumble.

Rumble’s September 19th open beta offers a glimpse at whether the franchise still has mass appeal. Will fans flock back for his first foray into multiplayer mayhem? Strong support could compel Activision to revisit a proper solo sequel.

Gauging Fan Appeal Is Make Or Break For A Crash 5 Game

Crash Bandicoot 5 Tease

Creating Rumble has also let Toys for Bob work closely with Call of Duty developers, gaining valuable expertise to channel into their own projects. As Creative Director Dan Neil explained to VGC’s, Activision remains invested in Crash’s future.

Their mammoth proposed acquisition by Microsoft adds further intrigue. A frequent criticism of the deal is Activision neglecting older franchises like Crash and Spyro. Xbox head Phil Spencer even cited these properties as having untapped potential.

Microsoft’s resources could reinvigorate the franchises development. But only if the deal overcomes its regulatory hurdles. For now, the developers seem focused on gauging interest via Crash Team Rumble first.

Of course, hopes remain high that the zany marsupial still has unfinished business. If Rumble draws a new generation under Crash’s spell, demand for a fully-fledged solo adventure would only escalate.

After years in hibernation, the keys to the game’s future will become clearer as Rumble approaches launch. Will fans turn up for his multiplayer debut? And could the orange oligarch himself make a cameo at the PlayStation Showcase on the 13th of September?

For now, whispers of Crash 5 remain just that – whispers. But behind the scenes, the wheels may already be turning. Perhaps Crash merely spins in place until his next warp orb aligns. But with Microsoft’s backing, the Bandicoot could yet reclaim his platforming crown.

So keep your eyes peeled and your Wumpa Fruit ripe. Crash Bandicoot won’t stay dormant forever. And when he inevitably spins back into action, what a triumphant return it could be.

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