EA Hint at Full Need for Speed Most Wanted Remake Coming in 2024

Need for Speed Most Wanted

Need for Speed Most Wanted Roaring Back as EA Preps Remake For 2024 Release.

Need for Speed Most Wanted

Buckle up, racers – fresh clues suggest a high-octane Need for Speed Most Wanted remake could be skidding onto consoles in 2024.

The original Most Wanted tore up streets back in 2005, garnering acclaim for its open world filled with illicit street racing anarchy. Now EA looks poised to unleash those lawless thrills once again.

Word comes from actress Simone Bailly, who portrayed Officer Turf alongside Sergeant Cross in the first Most Wanted. In since-deleted social media posts, Bailly referenced reprising her role for an upcoming remake targeting 2024.

This tantalising tease sends engines revving. A modern take on NFS Most Wanted would return the series to its roots after recent entries drifted toward a more sanitised style. The thought of those beloved PS2-era thrills remastered in 4K has fans salivating. All we need now is some gameplay footage or official word from the developers to confirm the title is in the making.

A True Remake or Just a Remaster?

Need for Speed Most Wanted (2005)

Of course, some may wonder if this constitutes a true remake rather than a remaster. The 2012 Most Wanted reboot retained the name but little else. This new project reportedly features the return of iconic characters like Cross and Turf.

Might this imply a full narrative rebuild rather than just a graphical tune-up? If Bailly has returned to the voiceover booth, perhaps script changes are also underway. The prospect of expanded storytelling woven into the exhilarating open world is certainly enticing.

Most Wanted ’05 carved its reputation on gripping cop chases through a sprawling city. Modern hardware could push these to new levels of cinematic spectacle. And refreshed multiplayer integration would nicely complement the single-player campaign.

EA has found success reinvigorating older racing IPs like Need for Speed Rivals. If handled carefully, Most Wanted surely has another gear left in its engine. The ingredients for greatness remain.

The original game was full of DLC content and is a fan-favourite amongst the series within the NFS community. There’s no doubt that a reboot would be welcome and sell very well in the modern gaming age.

But Bailly’s tidbits accelerating speculation. The beloved Blacklist could grace a NFS Most Wanted cover soon once again. And with Carbon rumoured to follow, the classic era may live on.

For now, the garage door is only slightly ajar. But the sound of a roaring engine grows louder, signalling the title’s imminent return. A new generation of fans eager to raise havoc awaits. So time to shake off the cobwebs and rejoin the race – Rockport’s streets are calling.

Source – Eurogamer

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