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Need For Speed: Rivals Officially Announced

Need For Speed Rivals
NFS Rivals
Need For Speed Rivals

Electronic Arts have officially confirmed the new addition to the long-running NFS series, with Need For Speed: Rivals announced today. The titles will be released on the current-gen consoles that include the Xbox 360 and PS3, but the game will be made available for the next-gen consoles in the form of the PS4 and Xbox One.

The overall racing experience is going to be different from previous installments that we’ve seen before. The next entry in the popular racing series will be developed by Ghost Games in a collaboration with Criterion Games.

EA like their hugely successful Battlefield 3 war game, are going to be using the Frostbite 3 engine for Need For Speed Rivals. The open world racing game will allow players to choose between being cops out to lay down the law, or take the role of illegal racers that are hellbent on causing the city loads of mayhem.

Become A Racer

If players choose the option to play as a racer, they’ll have to win races, do some crazy stunts, try and escape from the law in super cool fashion and become as infamous around the connecting city’s as possible.

When gamers evade the cops who’re tailing them, they’ll end up collecting numerous amounts of  Speedpoints in the process. With these Speedpoints, players will then be able to unlock brand new cars, items and other cool unlockables.

The more Speedpoints a player earns, the more notorious they will become, which is the main objective of the game. However, if you’re caught and busted by the police, then you risk losing everything.

Become A Cop

If you decide that you want to do good and become a cop to get rid of all the crime in the city, then there’s means and ways to make your way to the top. Players will have to work together as part of a team and bust as many illegal racers as humanly possible.

This way you’ll rise through the ranks of the Police Force and become a household name within the law. Upon achieving a higher rank and leveling up, gamers will then unlock various new pursuit tech and police only cars throughout the game.

The AllDrive Mode

There will be a completely new system which will be called the AllDrive. This will allow players to change from playing all on their own in single-player, to working along with their friends in a cooperative type experience. There’s also the option to play against others in a very competitive multiplayer mode.

The AllDrive system will actually change the objectives and events in the open world depending on the players actions and how they interact.

Check out all of the new features on what to expect when Need For Speed Rivals arrives below:

  • An all new Pursuit and Evasion Tech feature – 11 in-game upgrades that include gadgets like helicopters for cops, shockwaves, roadblocks, turbo boosts, EMPs for racers and jammers.
  • The next generation of racing – See Redview County like never before with stunning visual effects that will blow you away. Super fine details will look smooth and crisp.
  • State of the art personalization – NFS drivers will be able to customise their vehicles with custom license plates, fresh paintjobs, huge selection of rims and liveries decals.
  • Sharing made easy with the Need For Speed Network – players will be able to compare all of their stats and challenge their friends anytime, and also share their accomplishments they’ve achieved with friends and family.

The release date for Need For Speed: Rivals is November 19th for current-gen consoles (PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360) and the next-gen console version that include the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will be later on this year.

If you pre-order the racer, you’ll receive the Ultimate Cop Pack for free, which gives you access to the Nissan GT-R Black Cop Car Edition, custom livery and special bonus pursuit technology.

Need For Speed Rivals
Need For Speed: Rivals

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