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Real Racing 3 For IOS is Free to Download Now

EA have announced that Real Racing 3 is now available to download for free on the IOS. It is the newest mobile game that the game developers have released and is the sequel to the hugely successful Real Racing 2.

The gameplay has loads of features including real life locations, racing tracks and cars at your beck and call. The game is free to play and you can get the full download here.

What exactly you will be able to play through on the free version does have it’s limits. The mobile game is clever because it uses a timer to limit players to using upgrades, vehicle unlockables and repairs. Users will have to wait until a specific amount of time in order to access these features. There is an option to speed it up by purchasing gold coins to use in the game.

The previous edition which was called Real Racing 2 was available outright to buy at a cheap price of £4 last time out. So gamers could well be paying even more money this time round to acquire the upgrades they so desire.

There is a new multiplayer mode aswell with the new game and one that will be a welcomed addition. Let us know your thoughts on whether this idea for the latest game is a good one or one you’re disappointed with.

Real Racing 3 free
Real Racing 3 is free on IOS


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