2K Drive For IOS Release Date Details

2K Drive is to be an upcoming iOS racer that’s brought to you by Lucid Games, which is a studio that’s comprised from Project Gotham and Blur developers. It’ll be landing on a device near you at some point this fall.

2K Drive

2K Drive

2K Games officially announced the racer today, with Polygon reporting that it will include cars from So-Cal, Dodge, McLaren, Ford, Nissan, Fiat, Mazda, GM, Local Motors and Icon.

Just like it’s predecessor (Project Gotham Racing,) 2K Drive will feature various real-world locations that will be set across off-road racing, drag racing and track racing modes. There will also be a special “RaceFace” feature, which is new and will put players in the driving seat for multiplayer modes. The title will also have well over 20 mini-games for players to play-through as well.

2K Drive Locations

2K Drive Locations

The game will have a top menu that will work as a news bulletin to give you all the latest headlines from the racing world. The news will come from sources such as Road & Track, Car & Driver, and AutoBlog.

Once the official release date has been properly announced, we’ll post it straight onto the site. What do you make of the newly announced title then? Let us know by commenting below.

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