Lace Up for NHL 24’s Ice-Shattering New Physics Engine (Reveal Trailer)

NHL 24

Lace ’em Up – NHL 24 Glides onto Ice with New Physics and Cross-Play in New Reveal Trailer.

NHL 24

The chill of the ice beckons once again – EA’s NHL franchise returns October 6th with NHL 24, skating onto PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Colorado Avalanche superstar Cale Makar assumes cover duties, but the real star is under the hood: the new Exhaust Engine, bringing hockey intensity to life like never before via the Sustained Pressure and Goalie Fatigue systems.

NHL 24 New Official Reveal Trailer

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Electronic Arts also released a brand-new NHL 24 reveal trailer that showcases the new features, gameplay and more.

Exhaust Engines revolutionises the flow of each game. Aggressive offence is now rewarded by wearing down defenders and opening space. Your attacks will feel truly relentless as you impose will shift after shift.

Goalies also become more fallible over time as shots rain down and fatigue sets in. New animations convey their gradually eroding reflexes, making that game-tying score in the 3rd period more attainable. Persistence pays off.

These changes promise to capture hockey’s signature dramatic crescendos. Buckle up for white-knuckle comebacks, desperate late stands, and overtime theatrics. The ebb and flow of true hockey awaits.

Physics Revolutionises Bone-Rattling Contact

NHL 24 Reveal Trailer Gameplay
NHL 24 Reveal Trailer Gameplay

Exhaust also enables a breakthrough Physics-Based Contact System. Now bone-rattling hits can shatter glass, deal injuries, or send opponents sprawling with lifelike force. Line brawls feel fittingly brutal. This Engine upgrade pulls no punches.

With expanded HUT Moments letting you recreate historic occasions, hockey heroes of the past now share ice with today’s stars. Relive monumental memories while forging new ones.

Cross-Play Changes The Game

NHL 24 Cross-Play

Of course the usual refinements like upgraded presentation and controls remain. But revolutionary new cross-play across Xbox and PlayStation consoles steals the show. Play anywhere with friends for the ultimate couch competition.

NHL 24 skates on October 6th, serving up the lightning quick action, breathless drama and hard-hitting physicality hockey fans crave. Whether you play for nostalgia or championship glory, get ready to lace ’em up.

The ice beckons its newest legends. Sharpen those skates, tape up that stick, and brace for impact – a revolution on skates arrives as National Hockey League’s next chapter unfolds. This is the fast-paced, hard-hitting hockey experience we’ve all been waiting for.

See you on opening night as a new age dawns. With enhancements across the board and groundbreaking new physics, NHL 24 looks to earn a spot in the rafters alongside past greats. Time to carve your name into history.

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