James Bond’s Greatest Hits – GoldenEye 007 Xbox Achievements

Achievements for GoldenEye 007 Xbox

Reloading a Classic – Achievements for GoldenEye 007 Xbox Remaster Revealed.

Achievements for GoldenEye 007 Xbox

After endless legal hurdles, GoldenEye 007 has finally been given new life for the modern era. Xbox players can now revisit Bond’s seminal N64 adventure, upgraded via emulation wizardry exclusive to Series X/S and Xbox One.

55 achievements await anyone brave enough to step back into the spy’s tuxedo. While online multiplayer remains confined to the Switch release, this remaster still offers ample goals for solo super spies and casual agents alike.

Full List of 55 Xbox Achievements For Goldeneye 007

RUN!You completed Dam on any difficulty.20
Now try gunning for 2:05…You completed Facility on any difficulty.20
Fly Away!You completed Runway on any difficulty.20
Dual-wielding!You completed Surface 1 on any difficulty.20
Shootin’ Cameras!You completed Bunker 1 on any difficulty.20
Old-School Rockets!You completed Silo on any difficulty.20
Calm SeasYou completed Frigate on any difficulty.20
Back Again, Part OneYou completed Surface 2 on any difficulty.20
Back Again, Part TwoYou completed Bunker 2 on any difficulty.20
So, So Lost…You completed Statue Park on any difficulty.20
Interrogate This!You completed Archives on any difficulty.20
TANK!You completed Streets on any difficulty.20
Brief RespiteYou completed Depot on any difficulty.20
How Long is this Train?!You completed Train on any difficulty.20
Atmosphere, 90s Style!You completed Jungle on any difficulty.20
Hello, Mr. Bond!You completed Control on any difficulty.20
I Know It’s Here Somewhere…You completed Caverns on any difficulty.20
Blockbuster Boss Fight!You completed Cradle on any difficulty.20
That Music, Though…You completed Aztec on any difficulty.30
Samedi Fight Fever!You completed Egyptian on any difficulty.30
Welcome Back, 007You completed the GoldenEye story on Agent difficulty.40
Loyal to the MissionYou completed the GoldenEye story on Secret Agent difficulty.50
Oh, James…You completed the GoldenEye story on 00 Agent difficulty.60
Double ZZZZAP!You unlocked 2x Lasers by completing Aztec on Secret Agent in 9:00 or Less10
Better Than 2x KlobbsYou unlocked 2x RC-P90s by completing Caverns on 00 Agent in 9:30 or less.10
Who needs framerate?You unlocked 2x Rocket Launchers by completing Bunker 1 on 00 Agent in 4:00 or less.10
Target Acquired!You unlocked 2x Throwing Knives by completing Bunker 2 on Agent in 1:30 or less.10
Full Arsenal!You unlocked All Guns by completing Egyptian on 00 Agent in 6:00 or less.10
Chest-Pounding GoodnessYou unlocked DK Mode by completing Runway on Agent in 5:00 or less.10
DUCK!You unlocked Enemy Rockets by completing Streets on Agent in 1:45 or less.10
Here They Come!You unlocked Fast Animation by completing Statue on Secret Agent in 3:15 or less.10
Best in ClassYou unlocked Gold PP7 by completing Cradle on Agent in 2:15 or less.10
One Shot, Just One…You unlocked Golden Gun by completing Egyptian on any difficulty.10
The Art of BoomYou unlocked 2x Grenade Launchers by completing Surface 1 on Secret Agent in 3:30 or less.10
Now It’s Klobbering Time!You unlocked Infinite Ammo by completing Control on Secret Agent in 10:00 or less.10
Where Are you, Dr. Doak?!You unlocked Invincibility by completing Facility on 00 Agent in 2:05 or less.10
Cheater!You unlocked Invisibility by completing Archives on 00 Agent in 1:20 or less.10
Screen Cheater!You unlocked No Radar (Multi) by completing Frigate on Secret Agent in 4:30 or less.10
This Is the WayYou unlocked Paintball Mode by completing Dam on Secret Agent in 2:40 or less.10
That’s All I Get For This?!You unlocked Silver PP7 by completing Train on 00 Agent in 5:25 or less.10
So Much Drama!You unlocked Slow Animation by completing Depot on Secret Agent in 1:40 or less.10
Everyone is Odd!You unlocked Tiny Bond by completing Surface 2 on 00 Agent in 4:15 or less.10
Booster!You unlocked Turbo Mode by completing Silo on Agent in 3:00 or less.10
Double-CutYou unlocked 2x Hunting Knives by completing Jungle on Agent in 3:45 or less.10
World TourYou played a multiplayer match on every map.20
DecimatedYou played 10 multiplayer matches.20
Q Branch SpecialistYou played a multiplayer match using every weapon set.20
Playing By the RulesYou played each type of multiplayer scenario at least once.20
Multi-streakYou played five back-to-back multiplayer matches.20
MercilessYou killed a player while they were unarmed.20
Licence to KillYou scored 100 kills in multiplayer matches over time.20
A Treehouse ClassicYou played a match: Remote Mines, on Complex.20
Slapstick ComedyYou played a match: Slappers Only, on Complex, Licence to Kill.20
Should Use a GuideYou earned the ‘Mostly Harmless’ multiplayer award.20
Unusual WorkYou played as Oddjob in a multiplayer match.20

Whether you cherish the James Bond title as a nostalgic relic or discover its innovations for the first time, these achievements provide the perfect incentive to thoroughly explore this legend.

Some offer a nod to the past, like the 10 points for completing Egyptian on any difficulty to unlock the Golden Gun. Others encourage mastery, such as the 20 points for completing Facility on Any difficulty.

Dedicated completionists can run through the entire list and have hours of fun that will be a nostalgia over-drive.

GoldenEye 007 Xbox Gameplay

The inclusion of achievements shows the care invested into modernising GoldenEye while respecting its legacy. Unlocking them all promises a journey through one of gaming’s most revered adventures – now optimised for modern systems.

Some may lament the absence of online multiplayer, a feature central to the Bond game’s cultural resonance. But focusing on solo content ensures the tense campaign plays flawlessly. And local split-screen remains intact to relive dorm room showdowns.

Through unprecedented licensing magic, Xbox players can finally experience GoldenEye 007 in its best form short of playing on original hardware. Whether chasing achievements or high scores, Bond’s revolutionary mission beckons one more time.

So ready those modified RCP-90s, polish off the Klobb, and mix up an appropriately stiff martini – MI6 needs you. An Xbox-optimised GoldenEye recaptures the magic that made 007’s debut outing an all-time legend. Just watch out for proximity mines along the way.

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