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007 Legends
007 Legends
007 Legends Review

This game like many of the Bond games did not really deliver like Goldeneye did back on the Nintendo 64. Given that it has been a fantastic calendar year for the British genre in it’s 50th anniversary. Not only that, the movie Skyfall has overtaken Avatar to beat the UK box office record of all time.

This is something that is not done too easily, but the movies have always been rather good to be honest. It’s the bond games that seem to be a little off par when it comes to delivering the goods.

The 007 Legends storyline if you will, is all about going back in some time and playing in all those iconic roles, movies, and story-lines. Some include License to Kill, Moonraker, Die Another Day and many more.

Play As Daniel Craig

You play as the current James Bond in Daniel Craig in this latest installment of the franchise. At the very beginning of the game you are on a moving train and you fall into some water which makes Bond have flashbacks about he’s past experiences. So you will be playing in all these levels of all the classic Bond movies with Daniel Craig.

Some people will not be happy with this decision and some people who are big Craig lovers will be over the moon. You will have an advantage if you are a massive fan of the franchise as the missions are based on the actual classic movies.

The voice over is not done by Daniel Craig himself, but rather a terrible impressionist who has decided to step in. The voice for Bond on this game is one of the worst of all time and they really destroy some of the classic lines that were made so famous.

A lot of the actors and actresses who played the classic villains have stepped in to do the voice overs of some of the characters in the game which is good. Not all of them did decide to do a voice for their characters in the game though so it’s not all great.

A Lack Of Stealth A-Miss

The design of the entire game in general looks very dull and basic throughout the time your playing. The graphics are nothing special and could have done with a real installment of decent scenery. The controls are okay, but there is no stealth that you can use in the game.

Instead you will have to go in with the tactic of holding down the shoot button and go all guns blazing. Which is poor because you should have the choice to go all stealth on your opponent if you want to. The game is basically just rushed to gain some easy money really fast from buyers.

Overall we give 007 Legends a bad score due to all these reasons that we have given. This game could have been so much better if they just concentrated on the key elements. 007 Legends—Game Review
Rating: 5 out of 10

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