Our Far Cry 3 Review In Full

Being one of the very last games to be released in 2012 is to some maybe a huge disadvantage. In other people’s opinions it can be a advantage, this is the case for Far cry 3. The game was released just the other day on many of the major consoles and this is our review on the game.

Giving that the other two previous games were a huge success worldwide, this latest installment had a lot to live up to. In our opinions it delivered the goods in every single way shape and form.

The fact that the game went live just a couple of weeks after the big launch of Call of duty Black ops 2. Not to mention other massive games to compete against including FIFA 13, Diablo 3, Assassins creed 3 and Halo 4 to name but a few.

The island that the game is set on is a worthy winner with it’s state of the art graphics and brilliant attention to detail. The exploring that can be done is never ending and offers huge lifespan for the game in general. This could be seen to many as the best shooting game that has come out this calender year.

The survival factor is brilliant in this game as it does actually offer something a bit different to all the other shooting games. Using intelligence to survive and learning loads of different ways to kill threats gives you a warmth to your character. You both seem like you are in this together right to the very end which is very clever.

The touch of killing animals to use their skin for making storage components like pouches to use in carrying your inventory is class. The island map is amazingly massive and it will take you a very long time to get through it all. The in game objectives are really exciting as well and they will make you want to complete them. This is something that not a lot of game titles can say they are apart of.

If there is a game that you are thinking of getting but don’t really know where exactly to put your money towards. We recommend this shoot em up highly because of it’s lifespan and overwhelming enjoyment factor. We give Far Cry 3 a respectful 9/10 overall.

Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3

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