Joy As Black Ops 2 Stays Top Of UK Charts

Black Ops 2 UK
Black Ops 2 UK
UK Charts – Black ops 2

Despite some very heavy competition over this past week, Call of duty Black ops 2 is still riding high at the top of the UK charts. It has not been a comfortable week for the game developers of the famous shoot em up game. They have had fierce competition with the release of Far cry 3 this week.

Yet even though a massive game like Far cry 3 had it’s unveiling to the public, Black ops 2 still beat them off with ease and retained top spot at least for another week. The actual series of COD is gigantic in the UK as so many players enjoy the franchise and buy the game each year. This latest title seeming no different to it’s predecessors.

There were people spreading rumours that bo2 had a fluke and had outstayed it’s welcome at the top of the UK chart. With many believing that people would get bored or restless with the game after a couple of weeks. Now though, that can all be swept away as nonsense as Black ops 2 has proved the critics completely wrong.

Check back with us next week to see who will take the crown off of Black ops 2 or whether the first person shooter will keep it’s place at the top.

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