Call of Duty Warzone 2 and MW2 Season 3 Reloaded: All the New Content Revealed

MW2 Patch Reloaded
MW2 Patch Reloaded
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The official reveal of Call of Duty Season 3 Reloaded content for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty: Warzone 2 has arrived. There’s plenty to discuss, including a new map and a renowned character set to join COD on May 10th.

For a while now, Season 3 has been live in MW2 and Warzone, ushering in numerous changes. The season introduced several new weapons, the Trophy Hunt event, and a host of meta shifts to diversify combat in both games. With Season 3 Reloaded just around the corner, fans can look forward to even more exciting content in the coming week.

This Is Gonna Be A Big Update

Modern Warfare 2 is set to receive a new 6v6 multiplayer map called Alboran Hatchery, a medium-sized map reportedly situated in a “remote, windswept facility.” Meanwhile, Warzone 2 is introducing one of the most anticipated features in Season 3 Reloaded: its own long-awaited Ranked Play. Although still in beta, this feature appears quite promising, featuring a sophisticated ranking system based on skill ratings derived from match performance, and seasonal rewards determined by each player’s placement. As players strive to attain the coveted Iridescent ranking, the best guns in Warzone 2 will become increasingly critical.

In each game, participants can eagerly anticipate a pair of brand-new fully-automatic pistols, the FTAC Siege and GS Magna, along with a Throwing Star armament. The GS Magna, as the first-ever .50 caliber fully automatic handgun in a Call of Duty game, will undoubtedly be a popular choice once the patch rolls out. Additionally, MW2 and Warzone 2 will introduce a new operator, basketball legend Kevin Durant. However, Durant will be available only through a limited-time store bundle, so Phoenix Suns fans should act quickly to secure the MVP before he’s no longer available.

This incredible patch is set to bring significant shifts in the meta for both games, and it will also mark the start of a more competitive landscape in Warzone 2 due to the introduction of Ranked Play. To maximise your ranking, be sure to familiarise yourself with the most strategic points on each Warzone 2 map for optimal success.

Reloaded New Features, Balances & Overall Patch Notes

COD Reloaded

MW2 Overview

  • Episode 03 Raid: Join Price, Alex and Farah, as they delve further into the Soviet base, hunting down Hadir and a lost weapon cache.
  • Enormous Infection, 3v3 Clash: Experience Infection on an immense scale and participate in compact team battles with the comeback of Clash.
  • Alboran Hatchery 6v6 Multiplayer Map: A mid-sized core map set in a secluded, wind-battered facility.
  • Special Ops Mission: Protector – Port Hafid. At Al Mazrah’s Port Hafid, withstand progressively difficult enemy waves.

Raid Ep.3

While Gaz splits off to establish communication with Laswell and arrange extraction, Price, Farah, and Alex must venture further into the Soviet base, descending into a vast pit where they traverse old train tunnels and electrified waters. With Hadir and the missing warhead yet to be found, time is of the essence.

Finish Raid Episode 3 to unlock Alex as an Operator, who is playable in both Warzone 2.0 and MW2 online modes. Earn an exclusive electrified camouflage by completing Raid Episode 03 on Veteran difficulty. In a top-secret area, an additional distinctive weapon camo can be acquired during Raid Episode 03.

Special Ops Mission


Head to Hafid Port in Al Mazrah and tackle the cartel’s latest operation. This won’t be a simple mission: After taking out their initial line of defence, prepare to hold your ground against numerous waves of progressively difficult enemy forces.

Boost your protection by visiting the Store to acquire enhancements like AI Support, Killstreaks, and the Self-Resuscitation Kit.

Earn Special Ops Stars for your hard work, enabling you to level up those Kits and unlock exclusive items in the process.

Alboran Hatchery (New Map)

MWII-New Map

Get ready to dive into Alboran Hatchery, a brand-new 6v6 Multiplayer map situated on undulating green hills under enormous wind farm turbines. Explore the storage and warehouse facilities within the hatchery on this medium-sized map, taking advantage of large cover objects for stealthy maneuvers or ascending to higher vantage points to survey the surroundings. The most successful teams will blend these strategies for a highly coordinated battle.

Experience Alboran Hatchery in featured Playlists throughout Season 03 Reloaded and within the Quick Play map pool. Stay tuned to the Call of Duty blog for an upcoming map guide for Alboran Hatchery.

Infected 3v3 Faceoff

Elevate the Infected experience on larger maps with additional players, or dive into ultra-strategic gameplay with the introduction of 3v3 Faceoff in MW II.

Larger Map Infected

Collaborate with fellow survivors to face the Infected on expansive Battle Maps designed for a higher player count. As the horde claims more survivors, you’ll require all available firepower to avoid being converted.

Standard 3v3 Faceoff

MW2 Faceoff

In 2011, MW3 introduced a dedicated Multiplayer mode, Faceoff, to recreate those small-team Cage Match experiences on Rust and Shipment.

Now, twelve years on, Infinity Ward has revisited their past to reintroduce Faceoff as the perfect complement to Gunfight. Eager to utilise your custom Loadouts and enjoy modes like Team Deathmatch and Kill Confirmed on Gunfight maps? Join Call of Duty veterans who cherish Faceoff and celebrate its comeback with Reloaded.

Expect Faceoff to incorporate all current Gunfight maps and include additional Gunfight maps to be launched in upcoming seasons.

For the full Warzone 2 lowdown head on over to the official COD blog where it’s covered in-depth and let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment in the footer section.

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