James Bond’s Gadgetry Comes to Life in IO Interactive’s Project 007

James Bond in car with wife
James Bond in car with wife

Key Highlights:

  • IO Interactive’s Project 007 is described by its CEO as the “ultimate spycraft fantasy”
  • The James Bond game is expected to focus heavily on gadgets and espionage gameplay
  • Edge magazine hints at a tone closer to Daniel Craig’s gritty Bond than Roger Moore’s camp
  • IO’s CEO suggests Project 007 may be more scripted than the freeform Hitman games
  • Beyond Bond, IO is working on an online fantasy RPG published by Xbox
  • Project 007 is still years away but is highly anticipated by James Bond and Hitman fans

IO Interactive’s James Bond Game Aims for Ultimate Spy Fantasy

James Bond Characters Pussy Galore, Goldfinger and Oddjob

IO Interactive’s long-teased Project 007 is being billed by the Hitman developer as the “ultimate spycraft fantasy,” according to CEO Hakan Abran. His description, revealed in Edge magazine, suggests an emphasis on gadgets and espionage gameplay for their upcoming James Bond title.

While details remain scarce on Project 007, Abran hinted the game will focus on elements of spycraft distinct from IO’s Hitman series. The “fantasy” angle indicates using gadgets and subterfuge to infiltrate and sabotage criminal networks.

Edge also picked up clues at IO’s studio pointing to a tone more akin to Daniel Craig’s grittier Bond films rather than the exaggerated camp of Roger Moore’s entries. This could mean a darker, more grounded take on everyone’s favourite super spy.

However, Abran did suggest the upcoming title may have more scripted storytelling compared to Hitman’s open-ended assassination sandbox levels. IO likely aims to balance cinematic narrative with engaging gameplay freedom.

Bringing James Bond’s Gadgetry to Life

007 Legends gameplay

A key part of fulfilling the spy fantasy will be creatively utilising Q Branch’s legendary gadgets. The trailer showcasing Project 007 evoked classic Bond devices like explosive pens, wrist-dart launchers, and door-cutting lasers.

IO’s experience crafting intricate gameplay systems for Hitman gives hope they can develop novel implementations for iconic Bond spy gear. Using gadgets to creatively infiltrate or escape dangerous situations can provide tremendous gameplay variety beyond combat.

YouTube video

However, some fans worry the studio may steer away from Hitman’s emergent sandbox mission design in favour of a more guided, set-piece driven structure. Hopefully IO strikes a successful fusion of storytelling and gameplay.

What’s Next for IO Interactive?

007 Gun-barrel Scene (Daniel Craig)

Beyond iconic British spy game adaptations, IO Interactive is also collaborating with Xbox on an online fantasy RPG, representing a dramatic genre shift. IO’s project slate shows the studio expanding beyond their Hitman roots into new franchise frontiers.

While the developers are diversifying their portfolio, Project 007 remains highly anticipated by Bond and Hitman devotees. The prospect of IO’s level design mastery paired with Bond gadgetry offers huge potential, even if details are still scant.

Bringing a modern gaming sensibility to James Bond’s larger-than-life spy world has been a dream for fans. With development led by seasoned creators, this latest entry could fulfil those fantasies in exhilarating fashion once it emerges from the shadows.

For now, tantalising descriptions of the project’s ambitions provide optimism that IO Interactive will deliver a supremely entertaining interactive 007 experience. The road ahead is long, but the destination should prove worth the wait for aspiring super spies across the globe.

Project 007 is currently in development.

Source – GamesRadar

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