New Zelda and Ganondorf amiibo Figures Unlock TOTK Secrets

Zelda Tears of The Kingdom Player Interaction
Zelda Tears of The Kingdom Player Interaction

Key Highlights:

  • Nintendo has released new Zelda and Ganondorf amiibo figures for Tears of the Kingdom
  • The $15.99 Zelda amiibo unlocks paraglider fabric in the game, Ganondorf’s $19.99 version unlocks another
  • These join the existing Link amiibo figurine from May that also unlocked paraglider skins
  • Tears of the Kingdom continues selling well, with 1 million retail copies sold in France alone
  • Nintendo expects Switch sales in France to reach 8 million by January 2024 amid Tears’ success
  • Zelda figures showcase stunning series art through collectible amiibo line

Stunning New Zelda and Ganondorf amiibo Unlock Tears of the Kingdom Extras

Nintendo has launched gorgeous new Princess Zelda and Ganondorf amiibo figures based on the recent blockbuster game The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. The $15.99 Princess and $19.99 Ganondorf amiibo unlock special in-game paraglider skins when used with the latest entry on the Switch.

The intricately detailed figures follow the May release of a Link amiibo from TOTK that also provides a paraglider fabric option. Together, the three amiibo showcase stunning art and designs from the best-selling Nintendo Switch title.

Tears of the Kingdom has sold phenomenally since launching earlier this year. In France alone, the game has already surpassed 1 million retail copies sold according to Nintendo. The company expects total Switch sales in France to hit 8 million by January 2024 amid TOTK’ massive popularity.

Zelda and Ganondorf Add to Series’ Collectible Lore

The new Princess Zelda amiibo depicts the character gracefully holding the Master Sword aloft in a stylised posture inspired by her role in the latest title. Meanwhile, imposing villain Ganondorf is frozen furiously swinging his massive greatsword.

These lovingly crafted figures encapsulate the personalities and significance of two integral series characters. They make appealing display pieces for gaming memorabilia collectors.

While the in-game extras they unlock are nice bonuses, the primary value of these amiibo lies in recreating Tears of the Kingdom’s evocative art through collectible sculptures. They represent the iconic franchise moments transformed into tangibly elegant figurines.

Tears of the Kingdom’s Ongoing Success

Zelda TOTK gameplay of Link in a Cave

The sales milestones and merchandising feats of TOTK demonstrate the enduring passion fans have for the legendary Zelda series. Even without DLC expansions planned, the game sustains momentum months after release.

Nintendo has relied on both nostalgic legacy and innovative gameplay evolution to satisfy Zelda devotees craving new adventures. Breath of the Wild first reinvigorated the franchise via open-world exploration, and now Tears of the Kingdom has iterated upon that formula masterfully.

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Both the critical reception and ongoing commercial performance indicators show the latest entry capturing fans’ imaginations through immersive exploration fantasy realised masterfully on Nintendo Switch hardware.

For Nintendo, the Zelda IP remains one of its crown jewels among a stable of popular franchises. The adventures conjured consistently deliver magic, and TOTK is the latest proof.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is out now exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

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