COD MW3’s Campaign Duration and 200GB File Size Faces Criticism

COD Modern Warfare 3 Campaign Cut-Scene in the Hangar
COD Modern Warfare 3 Campaign Cut-Scene in the Hangar

Key Highlights:

  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s campaign is drawing criticism for its very short 3-4 hour length
  • Many are disappointed in the quality as well, despite past MW campaigns being well received
  • Huge 200GB file sizes are also frustrating players, causing install issues
  • Activision says increased day one content like open world Zombies caused the massive sizes
  • MW3 campaign rewards like operators, XP tokens, and blueprints carry forward across modes
  • The rushed dev cycle between MW2 and MW3 may have impacted the campaign’s length and quality
  • Upcoming COD titles could see changes under Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision

Modern Warfare 3 Campaign Panned for Extremely Short Length

To the utter shock of many, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 only provides a 3-4 hour campaign, prompting criticism for the startlingly brief storyline mode compared to past series entries. Early access showcases the campaign runs under half the length of the typical 5-7 hour COD single player.

Many are disappointed not just in the runtime, but also the dip in narrative quality from previous revered Modern Warfare campaigns. This comes despite Infinity Ward partnering with Sledgehammer Games on MW3.

The hurried annual dev cycle from 2022’s MW2 likely impacted both the brevity and polish. However, some hold out hope for the yet-to-be-seen multiplayer component.

Massive Install Sizes Also Frustrating Players

Adding to frustrations, MW3’s installation requires up to 200GB of hard drive space, causing install headaches for many users. Activision explained via social networking site X that the ballooned footprint stems from increased launch day content like open world Zombies.

While Call of Duty install sizes frequently inflate over time, MW3’s mammoth day one demands point to serious bloat issues. Players can uninstall specific modes to reduce space requirements, but poor optimisation remains a concern.

Despite criticisms, the COD name recognition will likely propel Modern Warfare 3 to big sales regardless. However, upcoming annualised sequels under Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision could see fundamental changes to development timelines.

Modern Warfare 3 Campaign Rewards Carry Across Modes

A key hook drawing players to MW3’s campaign comes in the form of unlocks carrying forward to multiplayer and other modes. Completing missions grants rewards like operators, calling cards, XP tokens, blueprints and more.

Here are all of the unlocks from Modern Warfare 3’s 15 campaign missions:

“Breather” Calling CardA calling card reward
30 mins Double Player XP Token30 minutes of double experience for players
30 mins Double Weapon XP Token30 minutes of double experience for weapons
“Corso” OperatorA new operator character reward
“Ghillie Guy” Calling CardAnother calling card reward
30 mins XP Token30 minutes of experience boost
30 mins Weapon XP Token30 minutes of weapon experience boost
“Pathfinder” OperatorAnother operator character reward
“Toxic Drip” Calling CardYet another calling card reward
1 hour Double Player XP Token1 hour of double experience for players
1 hour Double Weapon XP Token1 hour of double experience for weapons
“Doc” OperatorAnother new operator character reward
“Skull Rhapsody” Calling CardAnother calling card reward
“Jabber” OperatorAnother new operator character reward
Campaign Completion EmblemAn emblem reward for completing the campaign
Campaign Completion Weapon BlueprintA weapon blueprint reward for campaign completion

These create big incentives to play through the short campaign for lovers of Warzone and multiplayer. Rewards integration aims to build meaningful continuity between MW3’s modes.

What Next for Call of Duty After Microsoft’s Acquisition?

COD MW3 Campaign Gameplay

The rushed nature of Modern Warfare 3’s campaign raises questions about the future of the COD series under its new Microsoft ownership. Some expect reduced frequency for mainline entries and refreshed focus on quality.

Annualised releases have heavily strained studio resources, risking franchise fatigue. Microsoft could ultimately decide to put the legendary FPS shooter on hiatus after 2023.

Regardless, Call of Duty is unlikely to hit Xbox and PC Game Pass subscriptions until 2024 at the earliest. But game-changing shifts in how the shooter behemoth is developed and supported feel imminent.

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For now, reactions to the campaign give pause about this year’s entry. But hopefully Microsoft’s stewardship can restore campaigns as a must-play marquee release rather than afterthoughts.

The full version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 arrives November the 10th for PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

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