Modern Warfare 3 Gameplay Trailer Takes the Fight Worldwide

Call of Duty Modern Warfare III Reveal Trailer
Call of Duty Modern Warfare III Reveal Trailer

The curtain has been pulled back on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, with Activision finally unveiling the bombastic gameplay trailer and details on the sequel’s ambitious campaign. A live event within Warzone established the high stakes backstory, paving the way for the reveal’s look at the global combat zones Task Force 141 will traverse to stop the nefarious Makarov.

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Fans were promised major Modern Warfare 3 reveals on August 17th, and Activision delivered intel that lived up to the hype. The Warzone experience depicted Makarov’s forces infiltrating Shadow Company and claiming the nuclear missiles from Al Mazrah, providing context for the new game’s storyline.

This then led directly into the action-packed trailer highlighting the worldwide settings players will battle across to avert another World War. From the burning streets of Amsterdam to the muddy battlefields of El Salvador, the globe-trotting gameplay should keep combat feeling fresh and varied.

Freedom and Customisation at Core of New Open Missions

MWIII Reveal

Details from the official COD blog note the bold introduction of open combat missions, letting players decide their approach. Stealth, action, vehicles, customisable loadouts – freedom is the focus. But linear, classic Call of Duty gameplay is still an option for purists.

Intriguingly, despite his presence in the Warzone prelude, Makarov himself is absent from the trailer. As is notorious former General Shepherd. Their whereabouts lead to story speculation. Meanwhile, Shadow Company CEO Phillip Graves returns as an antagonist standing in Captain Price’s way.

Zombies Gets Open-World Twist in Ambitious Reimagining

Beyond campaign details, Activision revealed fan-favourite multiplayer maps from 2009’s Modern Warfare 2 will return, rounding out new map offerings. Map voting also makes its triumphant comeback. Zombies is being reinvented with an open-world focus as well.

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As expected, MW3 is shaping up to be a feature-packed continuation of 2019’s blockbuster reboot. With the globe at stake, going bigger in scope makes perfect sense to match narrative escalation. And honouring franchise heritage through map classics shows Activision is attentive to fan service. Bringing back slide cancelling as a feature was received with open arms by the community too.

Only a few months remain until November 10th when the battle reaches its climax. But the reveals are just beginning, with plenty more intel drops planned before launch.

If the campaign’s open-ended missions deliver on their promise of tactical freedom and multiplayer evolves in all the right ways, Call of Duty’s reign shall continue unabated. The template is set for explosive success.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 arrives November 10th for Windows PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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