No Discounts for Modern Warfare 3 as Activision Details Pricing

COD Modern Warfare III Pricing
COD Modern Warfare III Pricing

The rumblings in the Call of Duty community over the pricing of the highly anticipated Modern Warfare 3 have finally been addressed head-on by Activision. After leaked listings seemed to imply the game would launch at a budget £26/$36 price point, the publisher has now confirmed that this newest entry will be sold as a full-priced premium title at $70.

Activision Reveal Pricing For COD MW3

The confusion originated from Modern Warfare 3’s Steam page briefly showing a $54.95 AUD price, equivalent to around £26/$36 USD. This led to speculation that the game would be surprisingly cheap, perhaps as an upgrade option for owners of last year’s Modern Warfare 2. However, Activision has decisively debunked this theory, stating outright that there will be no discounts or upgrades for the new title.

While certain assets will carry over between the two games, like weapons and Operators, Activision asserts that Modern Warfare 3 is not an expansion of its predecessor. Some fans remain skeptical though, questioning why so much existing content will be integrated into the new release if it is a standalone product. The comments sections are alight with those vowing not to purchase the game at full price.

In fact, rumours had suggested for months that Modern Warfare 3 originally started development as an expansion before pivoting to become a premium release. Activision has refuted this narrative repeatedly, yet their insistence raises some eyebrows within segments of the player base. It begs the question – how much new content can players realistically expect for their $70, if guns, characters models, and more are being ported over wholesale from Modern Warfare 2?

Of course, core gameplay and mechanics still represent major developmental undertakings for the team at Sledgehammer Games.

An entirely new campaign, multiplayer maps, and modes can alone amount to hundreds of hours of content. But players have understandably come to expect innovation with each annual entry in the Call of Duty franchise, not just iterations on existing formulas.

Consistent Support for PS4/Xbox One Provides Option for Last-Gen

Modern Warfare III Screen

Unlike some other publishers slowing support for last-gen hardware, Activision has confirmed COD MW 3 will still launch on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For fans without access to the scarce PS5 and Series X/S consoles, this consistency is surely welcome. The immense Call of Duty player base still populates those older systems, so abandoning them could severely stunt the game’s commercial potential.

In the end, only time will tell if Modern Warfare 3 can justify its $70 valuation and sate the community’s desire for evolution. But Activision is clearly betting big that the series’ trusted first-person shooting action is still worth the premium even in today’s crowded marketplace. Pre-orders don’t seem deterred by the pricing news yet, though some fan hesitation still simmers beneath the surface.

All that we know so far are a couple of teaser trailers and that the controversial slide cancelling mechanic is back in the game.

When Modern Warfare 3 hits shelves on November 10th, it will speak for itself. Until then, speculation and suspicions will continue swirling around what exactly players’ hard-earned dollars will get them. But such is the yearly routine for this gaming behemoth. The formula may be predictable, but the series shows no signs of losing its blockbuster dominance anytime soon.

COD: MW3 launches on November 10th on Windows PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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