Call Of Duty Series: Snag ’em All in Xbox’s Ultimate Game Sale

COD Xbox Ultimate Sale
COD Xbox Ultimate Sale

This July, lovers of Call of Duty and owners of Xbox consoles are in for a real treat. The Xbox Ultimate Game Sale is in full swing, boasting attractive price reductions on a broad array of titles.

The Start of Call Of Duty’s Discount Delirium

As enticing as a scone with strawberry jam and clotted cream, the sale shares the season’s discounting spirit with the likes of Steam’s Summer Sale, which notably caused a price tumble for the Steam Deck. Yet, our chums invested in the Call of Duty franchise and those wielding Xbox controllers should prick up their ears for the particulars of this sale.

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Harking back to 2003, Call of Duty has been a real force in the gaming world, blossoming into one of the most colossal franchises over the course of two decades. With a whopping 19 titles in the main series, another in the pipeline for this year, and whispers of a 2024 instalment, there’s a veritable banquet of gaming delights on offer.

Now, gamers champing at the bit to catch up on previous titles can do so without splashing too much cash. This isn’t the first time the COD series has been discounted, back in 2013 the entire Call of Duty series was up for sale on Xbox Live.

Call of Duty Xbox Ultimate Sale

As we speak, more than a dozen Call of Duty games are flashing sale tags for Xbox consoles, some of which have been slashed down considerably. The price cuts include the latest release, Modern Warfare 2, which has tumbled from $69.99 down to the much more appealing $38.49. The coveted Vault Edition can be snagged for $69.99. Feeling nostalgic? You can also return to the series’ roots with the first Modern Warfare and Black Ops games at a meagre $9.99 and $14.99, respectively. All prices are pretty much identical in UK Sterling too, as seen above.

More Than Just Call Of Duty: Game Passes and Extras

But the bounty doesn’t stop there. Besides the games themselves, various extras and game passes are up for grabs at discounted prices. You can secure season passes for Advanced Warfare, Black Ops 2, 3 and 4, each at half the price or even less. These juicy deals are ripe for the picking until July 31st, so I urge all interested Xbox enthusiasts to dive in and explore the offerings posthaste.

The Current Xbox Ultimate Sale Games

This sale, abundant with both contemporary and vintage games at thrifty prices, should be a godsend for gamers stuck in the doldrums of monotony. Alongside the suite of COD games, some other recent blockbuster releases are also up for grabs at cut-down prices. These titles include Star Wars: Jedi Survivor, Hogwarts Legacy Digital Deluxe Edition, and Elden Ring. The latter two, Hogwarts Legacy and Jedi Survivor, have carved their own paths as major successes in the industry, certainly warranting a gander alongside the Call of Duty series.

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Whether you’re a greenhorn to the franchise, hungry for the latest title, or a battle-hardened veteran yearning to relive the classics, this sale is your oyster. And with the tantalising prospect of a Call of Duty crossover with The Boys possibly setting a trend, there’s never been a more propitious time to be a fan.

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