EA Sports FC 24 Player Faces Not A Problem Say Developers

EA SPORTS FC 24 Player Faces
EA SPORTS FC 24 Player Faces

In a rip-roaring display of humour and unapologetic mockery, the grand unveiling of the EA Sports FC 24 cover art has provoked a landslide of laughter rather than triumphant cheers.

EA Sports FC 24: A Cover Art Reveal Worth a Thousand Laughs

The latest footballing feast, brimming with digital incarnations of the greats like Pele and David Beckham, has been met with a barrage of online jibes and witticisms. However, EA, displaying the grace and tact of a cornered goalkeeper, reassures its audience that, despite the derision, the in-game visuals will indeed put on a masterclass once the game boots up.

While the cover may be the recipient of endless jest, it does proudly sport these football icons, adding star-dusted allure to EA’s post-FIFA venture into the footie realm. The gaming engine orchestrating this symphony of football will be DICE’s celebrated Frostbite engine, the go-to maestro for EA’s blockbuster hits. This, in theory, should provide some comfort to players regarding the in-game face visuals. After all, it’s Frostbite, right? How wrong could it get?

EA Sports FC 24 marks a watershed moment for EA Sports. It’s their first game since EA and FIFA terminated their love affair that spanned a good 30 years. But fear not, faithful fans, the break-up hasn’t soured the football fever. The game is still set to showcase top-tier football clubs from the crème de la crème of football leagues, including the Premiership from the rainy isles of England and Italy’s Serie A.

EA SPORTS FC 24 Cover Star Erling Haaland

The Starry Affair of EA Sports FC 24: A Peek into the Ultimate Edition

Among the star-spangled roster, we find Manchester City’s striker Erling Haaland – a gent regarded as one of the globe’s top players gracing the standard editions with his esteemed presence. The Norwegian superstar striker recently completed a treble with Man City and even had a record-breaking season scoring over 50 goals in the process. Yet, the ultimate edition is where things really take off, or rather, stumble a bit.

This edition displays a line-up of current and past stars that look, well, less than flattering. The mirth sparked by the in-game facial designs was unprecedented, forcing EA to douse the fires of worry that the actual in-game visages would mimic the cover’s, shall we say, unique artwork.

John Shepherd, EA’s VP and executive producer, assured IGN in a recent interview that the cover does not reflect the in-game faces. The selection of stars was due to the myriad licenses EA holds, leading to the eye-catching ensemble on the ultimate edition’s cover.

He stressed that navigating the labyrinth of permissions for each player was a Herculean task, dwarfing the simpler route of securing rights for a single athlete. In light of the uproarious feedback, Shepherd vouches that the studio is pulling out all the stops to enhance player likenesses in-game.

EA’s split with FIFA hasn’t stifled its prowess, with hundreds of licenses with teams and leagues kept in its back pocket. However, it’s worth noting that the initial first official trailer for FC 24, though rendered in the Frostbite engine, offered scant glimpses of actual gameplay. This leaves us in a limbo of speculation – were the underwhelming visuals on the ultimate edition’s cover simply a misstep, or are they an ominous sign of what’s to come in the final game? Only the hands of time will unveil this mystery.

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For now, all eyes are on the pitch, waiting for the whistle of EA Sports FC 24’s release on September 29th, 2023. Prepare your Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S to welcome the latest footy phenomenon!

Source: IGN

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