The End of FIFA: EA Sports Shows Off Logo for New Football Game Series

EA Sports FC New Logo
EA Sports FC Logo

Electronic Arts Sports has recently revealed the logo for their upcoming football/soccer game, EA Sports FC, which is set to replace the long-running FIFA series. The FIFA franchise has been a part of EA’s gaming lineup for almost 30 years since the release of FIFA International Soccer on the Sega Mega Drive and Genesis consoles in 1993. The series came to a close with the 2022 release of FIFA 23 currently out now, marking the end of an era for the much hated games company.

EA have not had a good time of it over the years when it’s come to the number one footy game on consoles and PC. Fans have been famously moaning about the servers, general service and pay-to-win money grab in the Ultimate Team mode. However it’s all about to come to an end as all things do eventually.

The widely popular FIFA Ultimate Team mode previously mentioned, also known as FUT, has been one of the major highlights of FIFA games in recent times. EA Sports has trademarked the acronym ‘FUT’ as ‘Football Ultimate Team’ so that they can still use it and announced that the mode will keep its name while maintaining the fundamental gameplay mechanics. The mode will continue to allow players to create their dream team by buying players off the transfer market, opening packs from the store, the coin system and everything you have come to love including SBC’s. Check out the tweet posted by EA below:

EA Sports Twitter Account

New Logo Reveal

The brand new logo is a segmented triangle design, very pleasing on the eye and it features stylised lettering, and has been inspired by the active player icon which has been a staple of FIFA games for years. The icon appears above the controlled player’s head in-game and has become synonymous with the FIFA franchise.

EA Sports FC

The governing body FIFA actually has plans to release their own footy video game and there’s rumours of them joining forces with the likes of Konami who famously produced the PES series and was EA’s direct competitor for over two decades. This remains to be seen however, and despite the rebrand, it appears that Electronic Arts has managed to secure partnerships with various football associations such as the English Premier League, Spanish LaLiga, Italian Serie A and German Bundesliga.

There’s no doubt that all the player faces will be in their upcoming title too and this will be the problem for any future competitor of EA, is the fact that they own all the rights and their games will just look so good with all the proper branding and licenses. What do you make of the newly released logo? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment in the box below and make sure to follow us on social media so you never miss an update.

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