Fans Outraged as Resident Evil 4 Remake Update Adds Pay-to-Win DLC

Resident Evil 4 Remake DLC
Resident Evil 4 Remake DLC
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It seems that the upcoming update for the Resident Evil 4 remake will include premium weapon upgrade tickets that players can purchase, giving them an advantage in the game. This addition which is basically pay-to-win content comes alongside the much-anticipated Mercenaries mode, which was not included in the initial release of the game and was a point of criticism from fans. Despite the game’s positive reception from critics, some players were disappointed with the lack of certain features and game modes, such as The Mercenaries, which was originally unlocked by completing the main story.

Capcom promised to release The Mercenaries mode for free in the RE4 remake, which was not included in the initial release. However, it appears that the upcoming update on April 7th will not be limited to this addition alone. As the PlayStation Store has already updated in New Zealand, it has revealed a new premium DLC for the game that provides players who pay with an advantage in the story mode.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Weapon Upgrade DLC

A Sad Day For Gaming

For UK players, it is estimated that the weapon upgrade tickets in the Resident Evil 4 remake will cost around £2.18 for one ticket, £5.07 for a bundle of three, and £7.26 for a bundle of five, based on the expected US prices of $3, $7, and $10, respectively. Capcom has not officially announced the downloadable content just yet and it has not yet appeared on the official US PlayStation Store, so the pricing may differ. Nevertheless, it is likely to disappoint many fans of the zombie-slasher game.

It is very strange for a pay-to-win concept to be in a single player game mode but the sheer mention of those words just makes every gamer instantly angry and this will be no different. Players who are willing to spend money on the Resident Evil 4 remake’s premium weapon upgrade tickets will have an easier time achieving the game’s Platinum trophy, which might devalue the achievement in the eyes of some players and make completing the game light-work.

This is most definitely sad news in the gaming industry today and hopefully it won’t tarnish the game as a whole considering people have been praising the remake and many calling it the greatest video game reboot of all time! Are you angry? Let us know your thoughts about this by leaving a comment below or post your replies on our social media accounts.

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