How To Unlock The Camera Guide: Zelda Tears of The Kingdom

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Camera
Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Camera
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Early in the journey of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, adventurers are introduced to the Purah Pad. This device provides them with a host of unique abilities to help them secure items, combine weapons, and even phase through walls in the initial stages. A notable feature of the Purah Pad is its camera functionality, resembling that of Breath of the Wild. However, to unlock this, players will need to delve into a side quest that’s easy to overlook unless they are thoroughly exploring the latest game’s every corner.

The Camera proves to be a vital tool, as it plays a role in several side quests and is necessary for the completion of the Hyrule Compendium, which involves photographing the various enemies scattered across the vast landscape of Breath of the Wild 2. For those eager to acquire the Camera app for their Purah Pad in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the following guide will aid them in their search.

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Unearthing the ‘Photographic Prowess in the Pits’ Quest in Tears of the Kingdom

The Camera app remains inaccessible until players conclude the tutorial area, returning to the Overworld of the Hyrule Kingdom. This entails securing all abilities available in the Sky Islands area, before making a descent back to solid ground. Once back in Hyrule, players can trail the Main Quest (marked by a golden circle) towards a location known as Lookout Landing. Here, they’ll encounter an older Purah and her youthful assistant, Josha. They will welcome Link and advance the Main Story by gifting players with the Paraglider. Subsequently, Josha will leave to meet another assistant, Robbie.

Tears of The Kingdom Quest

Players ought to promptly follow Josha, waiting until she rendezvous with Robbie. Near her, a small exclamation point icon signals she possesses a Side Quest. Interacting with her will trigger a cutscene, granting players the ‘Photographic Prowess in the Pits’ quest. Players should ensure this quest is active by accessing their Quest Log (pressing the Minus button on the controller) and activating it. Once active, a golden circular quest marker will guide players out of Lookout Landing and towards a large, ominous chasm in the ground.

Unlocking the Camera Functionality in Tears of the Kingdom

On jumping into the chasm and ascending into the Depths, players will encounter another of Robbie’s assistants who will inform them that the researcher has ventured into the darkness. Robbie’s trail is marked by a series of campfires, which players must follow, navigating through the gloom until they find the bespectacled scientist. En route, players will encounter towering floral structures called Lightroots, which they can interact with. These structures radiate a gentle green light, illuminating the vicinity and revealing a fast-travel point and a section of the Depths map when touched.

How To Get The Camera In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom 1

Upon reaching Robbie, he will direct players to photograph a nearby statue, thus unlocking the Camera application and granting access to the Hyrule Compendium. After capturing the statue’s image, players can return to Lookout Landing and present the photograph to Josha to conclude the quest.

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Taking Photos in Tears of the Kingdom: A Guide

Once the Camera app is in their possession, players are free to photograph any object or scene that sparks their interest during their adventures. To operate the Camera, players simply need to press and hold L, then use the wheel to select the Camera icon. Once this is done, they can tap L to quickly access the Camera (provided they have not chosen another power to replace it). When the Camera is active, players can zoom in and out using the D-Pad, and view information about items within the viewfinder. To snap a selfie, players can press X, which will turn the camera to face Link. Tilting the left thumbstick in different directions while taking a selfie triggers various poses from Link.

Now, with the camera app at their disposal, players are equipped to document their adventures across the Hyrule Kingdom, capturing the landscapes, characters, and creatures that inhabit this fantastical world. Whether it’s for the completion of side quests, the fulfilment of the Hyrule Compendium, or merely to preserve memories of their journey, the Camera app is a vital tool in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

From locating the ‘Photographic Prowess in the Pits’ quest to learning how to use the camera, this guide is intended to aid players in their quest to unlock and utilise the camera feature. As the journey continues, may your path be lit and your lens be focused, as you capture the tears and triumphs of the Kingdom.

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