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Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Ukouh Shrine Guide

Zelda TOTK Ukouh Shrine Guide
Zelda TOTK Ukouh Shrine Guide

In the much-awaited sequel, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, familiarly known as Breath of the Wild 2, shrines make a triumphant return. Players embarking on the quest to locate Princess Zelda in the Temple of Time will encounter a mysterious sealed door. To crack open this door, Rauru tasks Link with accomplishing several shrine quests on the vast expanse of the Great Sky Island. The inaugural shrine that players can reach is the Ukouh Shrine. This guide aims to steer players through the shrine, sans any mental frustration.

Zelda Tears of The Kingdom Bridge

Location of Ukouh Shrine

In Tears of the Kingdom, players will stumble upon the Ukouh Shrine in close proximity to the Temple of Time. Point yourself southwest, and a green beacon spiralling out of the shrine structure should soon come into view. Step within its confines to unlock the power of Ultrahand. This gift bestows Link the ability to clutch, swivel, relocate, and bind objects together.

Zelda TOTK Platform

Navigating the Ukouh Shrine

As players make their entrance, they will notice a platform resting on the floor. To activate Ultrahand, press L, then use it to grasp the platform, fashioning a bridge to the opposite end of the room. Use R to twist the bridge and then the directional pad (or motion controls) to softly set it down. Following that, utilise Ultrahand to attach the two platforms together, forming an extended bridge. Arrange this above the gaping chasm, providing Link with a walkway.

However, before you dash off from this section, pick up the bridge you’ve just assembled and situate it on the elevated platform tucked in the corner. This will let you access a chest holding Amber, a valuable crafting resource. If you prefer video visual, then we’ve posted one below otherwise continue reading.

Useful Video Guide Tutorial (Watch Now)

Upon advancing to the next region, players will discover a rail guiding to the shrine’s termination. While there are a handful of methods to traverse this, we succeeded in seizing one of the metal hooks and positioning it on the rail. Link can then scale and clasp onto the hook, which will then transport him safely to the other side. Fastening one or both hooks to the wooden platform might also be a viable strategy, provided players can master the correct angle.

Engage with the statue to procure the inaugural Light of Blessings, one among many to be collected. These can be redeemed subsequently to boost Link’s health and stamina. Having accomplished this, round off two more Shrines to unlatch the Temple of Time door, and voila – you’ve navigated through the shrine successfully.

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