Free Items Added in Latest Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Update

Zelda TOTK Update

Claim More Free Items in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s Latest Update.

Zelda TOTK Update

The kingdom of Hyrule beckons heroes once again as Nintendo gifts another cache of free goodies to Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom players. Following the acclaimed adventure’s latest update, an Opal gemstone and Magic Rod await retrieval.

These mystical artifacts offer more crafting and combat potential within Tears of the Kingdom’s sprawling open world. But you must act swiftly, as the gifts are only available for a limited time. Here is how to claim Link’s newest armoury additions:

Redeem Free TOTK Items Through the News Channel on Switch

  • Open the News channel on your Nintendo Switch’s Home Screen and locate the article “Gems – Not Just a Pretty Facet”
  • Select the “Play Now” button within the news story to open the eShop
  • Confirm the content download to receive your Opal and Magic Rod
  • Boot up Tears of the Kingdom, load your save file, and check your inventory

Fuse the Opal and Magic Rod for Elemental Staff

With the mystical haul in hand, let’s examine their potential uses across Hyrule:

  • Opals contain the elemental power of water and sell for 30 rupees each
  • Magic Rods fuse with gems like the Opal to create elemental weapons
  • Fusing the Opal Magic Rod creates a water-infused staff
  • Water weapons open lava paths and excel against fire enemies
  • Magic Rods also purchaseable at Bargainer Statues for 100 Poes each

This marks yet another round of free DLC from Nintendo following Tears of the Kingdom’s patches. Previous gifts like the Traveler’s Sword and Shield or cooking ingredients help round out arsenals and recipes.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Free Items

While water weapons occupy a limited niche, their hazards-clearing and fire-fighting abilities still provide creative options when exploring treacherous terrain.

And the Opal itself turns a modest profit when converted to gemstones. Every resource aids the grand quest. This one is a freebie, but just after launch there was a rare item duplication glitch that gave players free items. It has since been patched but as this is a limited-time you’ll want to act fast!

So redeem Link’s latest armoury of rewards as soon as possible, and dive back into the sprawling kingdom with fiery foes and magma pits in your sights. The hero’s journey continues with Nintendo’s generous giveaways.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is out now on the Nintendo Switch.

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