Limited Edition Zelda Icons: A Unique Reward for Nintendo Switch Online Members

Zelda Custom Icon
Zelda Custom Icon

Nintendo Switch Online members now have a chance to grab unique The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom icons as a special reward. Fans of the recently launched Tears of the Kingdom should seize this limited-time offer.

Exclusive Rewards: Unique Zelda Icons for Nintendo Switch Online Subscribers

Just over a week has passed since Tears of the Kingdom made its debut, and the game has already won the hearts of gamers and critics alike. The highly anticipated follow-up to Breath of the Wild has not just lived up to but surpassed the lofty expectations of many fans, with some even hailing it as 2023’s standout game. This Nintendo exclusive presents an exceptional action-adventure journey, taking the cherished franchise to new heights. Those who own a Switch have been eagerly awaiting this instalment in the Zelda series, one of the most anticipated exclusives in recent memory. Nintendo Switch Online subscribers not only get to enjoy one of the year’s biggest games, but they also get an extra special perk as a nod to the game’s launch.

Limited Time Offer: Grab Your Favourite Zelda Icons Now

For a short duration, Nintendo Switch Online subscribers who also have redeemable My Nintendo Platinum Points can claim exclusive Tears of the Kingdom icons. Fans have until May 25th to snag these unique icons.

While the initial batch of icons is no longer available, the second wave offers four captivating icons featuring beloved characters, such as Ganondorf. Nintendo Switch Online provides several exciting features for Zelda enthusiasts, and these unique icons present a delightful perk, allowing players to display their appreciation for the game in a distinct and subtle manner.

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Tears of the Kingdom, despite its recent release, has captivated the gaming universe. With its success outshining heavyweights like Elden Ring, this Nintendo exclusive has resonated deeply with players globally. The Legend of Zelda series stands as one of gaming’s most legendary franchises, and with such a fervent fan base, numerous players will undoubtedly leap at the chance to claim these limited-time icons.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is now available on the Switch.

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