Recreating Classic Arcade Nostalgia with the Lego Pac-Man Set

LEGO Pac Man Arcade
LEGO Pac Man Arcade

Exciting news today, as the iconic video game character Pac-Man will be officially getting a LEGO set. Rumours were in full force but the whispers seem to have been fully confirmed.

A Peek into the Lego Pac-Man Arcade Set

The initial reveal through leaked photos demonstrated that the set enables enthusiasts to recreate the crest of a Pac-Man arcade machine. Furthermore, the set offers the opportunity to assemble grand-scale brick renditions of Pac-Man, Blink and Clyde, which can be showcased atop the cabinet or independently.

Upon completion, the coin slot can be illuminated, with an added whimsical touch of a miniature figure engrossed in a game of Pac-Man, tucked within the cabinet.

From June 1st, Lego VIP patrons will have the privilege of an early purchase window for the Lego Pac-Man Arcade set via and at Lego Stores. The set will be broadly available from June 4th with a suggested retail price of $269.99 / €269.99 / £229.99.

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The Lego Pac-Man Arcade machine joins an expanding collection of Lego sets with a video game theme. Ever since procuring the Nintendo license, Lego has crafted a plethora of gaming centric Lego sets including the Lego NES, Lego Question Block, Lego Bowser, along with a variety of Lego Super Mario sets.

A number of The Legend of Zelda sets have reached the final stage of Lego’s Lego Ideas programme, where fan-crafted sets evolve into retail products. This includes recent additions like Sonic The Hedgehog sets, though the Zelda sets were consistently rejected by Lego, reportedly due to licensing complexities.

PlayStation’s Horizon Forbidden West was also celebrated with a set, featuring the towering Tallneck present in both instalments of the game.

Just last month, four novel Lego Sonic the Hedgehog sets were unveiled. Set for an August 2023 release, these new additions boast Lego minifigure versions of Sonic, Amy, and Tails.

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