Super Mario’s Piranha Plant Joins LEGO Universe with New Interactive Set

Super Mario LEGO Piranha Plant Set
Super Mario LEGO Piranha Plant Set

LEGO has revealed an exciting new set featuring one of the most iconic enemies from the Super Mario universe – the deadly Piranha Plant. Scheduled to launch on November 6th, this latest addition continues LEGO’s successful collaboration with Nintendo’s beloved franchise.

The Piranha Plant buildable figure will retail for £57.99/$59.99 and contains 540 pieces. Fans can look forward to recreating the plant’s signature movements with adjustable stalks, leaves, and mouth. Here are the details you need to know about the set:

Super Mario Piranha Plant LEGO Set Details

Product DetailsInformation
NameLEGO® Super Mario™ Piranha Plant
Price$59.99 / €64.99 / £57.99
Product No.71426
Dimensions23cm high x 11cm wide x 17cm deep
AvailableNovember 6, 2023

As with previous LEGO Super Mario sets, this new model incorporates interactivity and gameplay elements. The Piranha Plant set includes gold LEGO coins that can be ‘fed’ to the flowery foe just like in the classic Super Mario adventures.

The Piranha Plant joins LEGO’s rapidly growing Super Mario product lineup. First launched in 2020, the Super Mario theme has proven hugely popular thanks to its charming blend of decorative models and interactive play features.

Sets range from micro builds like Character Packs all the way up to epic dioramas like the $269.99 The Mighty Bowser. At 540 pieces, the Piranha Plant represents a mid-sized kit accessible for a wide range of ages.

The new set’s reasonable price point gives LEGO a compelling holiday season offering for Super Mario fans. It joins other recently revealed Super Mario sets scheduled for winter release, including the Conkdor’s Noggin Smash Expansion and Frog & Bee Power-Up Pack.

Nintendo and LEGO’s partnership continues to bear fruit with consistently clever and creative new set designs. The 14-foot LEGO Super Mario statue displayed at San Diego Comic-Con last year gave a taste of the endless possibilities.

Interactive Features Allow Gamers to Recreate Stomping Plants

LEGO brick-built Piranha Plant From Super Mario

While the Piranha Plant may seem simple compared to extravagant builds like The Mighty Bowser, it encapsulates the charm and personality that make the theme so special. The plant’s familiar form and fun interactive features are sure to delight Nintendo fans.

As one of the original enemies from 1985’s Super Mario Bros, Piranha Plants remain among the most iconic elements of the gaming series universe. LEGO perfectly captured the creature’s simple yet iconic look.

The set’s stalk mechanics and mouth-snapping action immerse builders in Piranha Plant’s mischievous spirit. Gamers will love recreating the experience of stomping or firing at the pesky pipe-dwellers.

Of course, the buildable figure equally appeals to Nintendo fans simply looking to expand their Super Mario collections. Displayed on a shelf or desktop, the eye-catching plant model makes for a great collectible.

For younger builders, the Piranha Plant delivers an achievable project using core LEGO System bricks. More advanced fans can find enjoyment modding and customising their build.

The theme looks poised to continue growing its world with characters, power-ups, and environments from Mario’s nearly 40-year history. If the Piranha Plant’s success is any indication, Nintendo and LEGO still have plenty of magic left for future collaborations.

For now, devotees of the gaming icon can look forward to adding this childhood menace to their collections when the set releases on November 6th. Just remember not to get too close when feeding it those virtual gold coins!

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