PS Plus: Your Ticket to the Horizon Universe for Free

PS Plus: Your Ticket to the Horizon Universe for Free
PS Plus: Your Ticket to the Horizon Universe for Free

PlayStation owners can now experience two phenomenal exclusives – Horizon Zero Dawn and its bigger sequel Horizon Forbidden West. Though initially overshadowed by rival open world hits, both shine as captivating adventures that push PS4 and PS5 to their limits.

The good news is PlayStation Plus Extra subscribers can download both games free and experience these futuristic yet primal worlds firsthand. Even if Forbidden West starts slow, its PS5 enhancements like 60 fps and ultra-detailed environments astound throughout.

For non-subscribers, even a 7-day free PS Plus trial gives ample time to finish Zero Dawn and be primed for the sequel. Starting with the original is highly recommended for deeper context, though Forbidden West does provide a recap.

PS Plus Your Ticket to the Horizon Universe for Free PS5

Both games comprise two of PlayStation’s most compelling and thoughtful exclusives. Guerrilla Games leverages the hardware beautifully while crafting a lore-rich universe punctuated by robo-dino showdowns. Don’t let these adventures pass you by – Zero Dawn and Forbidden West offer dozens of hours of post-apocalyptic excitement.

In Zero Dawn, players enter the shoes of fierce young hunter Aloy as she braves the sprawling ruins of the Earth overrun by animalistic machines. Uncovering the secrets of her mysterious origins and the fall of civilization hundreds of years prior leads Aloy on an epic quest against corrupted robots threatening all life.

In Forbidden West, Aloy journeys west to confront a deadly technologically-created plague. She must brave extreme storms, overgrown urban ruins and rival tribes to save the day. Stunning vistas and fluid gameplay make the perilous journey unforgettable. Vibrant yet dangerous biomes await, packed with new intricate machines to learn and override. Forbidden West expands the core gameplay, fresh tools, and refined combat against enemies both mechanical and human.

More About Horizon:

Horizon Zero Dawn is accessible on PC and PS4, while Horizon Forbidden West only on PS4 and PS5.

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