Horizon 3, Our Wishlist for Insane New Machines

Horizon 3, Our Wishlist for Insane New Machines
Horizon 3: Our Wishlist for Insane New Machines

The iconic machines of Guerrilla Games’ Horizon series offer an exciting vision of the future where animal-inspired robots inhabit the post-apocalyptic world. As Aloy’s greatest foes in Horizon Forbidden West, these clever mechanical beasts provide a thrilling challenge for players. Now, with fans eagerly waiting for a third Horizon game, speculation runs wild about what new robotic lifeforms could be discovered.

Fans see lots of chances for Guerrilla to expand Horizon’s bestiary. The Burning Shores DLC previewed this potential with new water-based machines like the Waterwing and frightening sky robots like the Stingspawn. But many real animals remain untapped as models for machines. Horizon’s world overflows with synthetic creatures, but some noticeable animal groups could make for exciting new robot types.

Mantis Machines

Mantis-like machines are one of the missing pieces suggesting an intriguing possibility. Although tiny in real life, giant praying mantises could let Guerrilla’s artists take advantage of the family’s alien look. Their triangular heads, grabbing front legs, and nimble bodies seem ideal for agile assassin bots. With mantis limbs perfect for collecting crafting resources, defeating these bugs could be quite rewarding.

Gorilla Mech Warriors

On land, gorillas represent another interesting candidate for robotization. As one of Earth’s mightiest primates, gorillas would translate well into heavy assault units or “mega mechs.” Furthermore, their social nature could allow cooperative machine behaviors, maybe even territorial wars between robot troops. So expect fur, fangs, and primate power galore if Guerrilla chooses gorilla bots.

Whale Robots

In the water, Horizon cries out for leviathan-sized machines to rule the seas. Whales are the obvious model, as gentle giants perfect for enhancing naval travel and exploration. Floating Tallneck-equivalents, perhaps able to scan miles of seafloor, would provide engaging incentive to dive in. For more aggressive whale-inspired machines, orca-based killers could stalk submersibles or attack coastal settlements. Clearly, when it comes to oceanic A.I., Guerrilla has only tested the waters so far.

Fire-Breathing Dragon Bots

Lastly, what better apex predator for Horizon’s third game than the legendary dragon? Dragon-like machines could build on the Stormbird’s dragon-esque design. Fire-breathing, map-revealing fliers rivaling the Horus would take combat to epic new levels. Without substantial upgrades and enhancements, Aloy would struggle to overcome these formidable foes. Given changeable machine behaviors, perhaps some dragons may even be rideable mounts, requiring a unique override tech designed by a knowledgeable person such as Sylens. Fantasy made functional; silicon and steel given spark and scale. Now that would be an awe-inspiring sight.

Horizon Forbidden West is available on PS4 and PS5.

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